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Girly question- ladies I need a tip...

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This is a question about waxing (hair removal) at home rather than at the spa. Recently I decided to stop shaving my legs and look for other hair removal alternatives. I was getting sick of the pointy sharp hairs that come out when I shave..So I went to a spa and had my legs waxed there. I love it, it's been about 5 days since I had it done and there is no signs of hair yet, just smooth perfect legs!!! i'm so happy..But I want to learn how to do it on my own at home. I've had many failed attempts before, i've bought tons and tons of waxing kits that ended up making a huge mess, and not being able to remove any hair!! What kept happening was- I put on the wax, waxing strip, followed all directions but when I take out the waxing strip, the wax comes off but none of the hairs are plucked out- they stay right where they were! This was when I used a cold wax. When I used heated wax it took out some hairs but not all. I think the key is in the wax..The one they used at the spa didn't need a waxing strip, it solidified enough to be able to come off just by peeling it off. Does anyone know where to buy this kind of wax and what it's called? I've been searching for different kinds online but no luck so far...
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One thing you might google is "sugaring" it's for hair removal and supposedly works... it's kind of like waxing when you make the formula.

Other than that I would love to hear other people's waxing tips too!
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I have some Surgi-wax microwavable wax that you spread on and let dry and then just peel off. No strips needed! Havent tried it yet... thinking about it in a few... I will let you know!

I tried making my own body sugar... it didnt go well but I didnt have a candy thermometer. But I've heard its great! I know they sell it on though
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i actually find its the way you pull the wax, i got my friend to wax my legs for my wedding, and because she was pulling it and not me she was able to do it a lot faster and got rid of the hairs! of course once she got tired she couldn't rip off the hairs as good!
Also have you been showering before you wax? you need to let your skin and hairs dry for a long time before you wax as i think this is the main trick!

I have a little face wax kit, you warm it in the microwave, use the stick to apply to your face and then just peel it off it works wonders! i love letting my eyebrows grow and then doing it makes me laugh and happy all the time
Strange amusement I know

I know that Nat (the nurse) on tcs does he own sugaring, maybe you can buy it off her and ask he how to use it? I would so do it
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I use Body Sugar. I started a thread about it awhile ago.

It works very well!
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I make my own with this recipe:

1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
2 Tbsp. water

Mix ingredients in a saucepan and boil for 8-15 minutes, or until mixture reaches 250< (soft ball stage). Then pour it into a container and let it cool down. Keep refrigerated. Heat in the microwave just until warm. Be careful not to make it too hot so that you don't burn yourself. Test on your hand first. Lightly powder the area you wish to wax. Pull skin taut and spread wax on using a tongue depressor or popsicle stick. Place a 3x5 piece of cotton cloth* over the area to remove hair. Pull off quickly against the grain of the hair. Cloths may be re-used simply by washing in hot water. I have not personally tried this recipe but friends say it works great. I have never had to courage to try and wax my legs. If you're not familiar with how to wax I would go to a beauty school and have them show you how to do it first.
*Old t-shirts or flour sack dish towels torn into strips work well.

I use old worn out sheets/linens cut up as my strips. As long as I let the hair grow out a minimum of three weeks, waxing works for me.
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well tried the surgi-wax... yeah it didnt work... although part of that was it like made my leg turn bright red and it was burning... glad I tried it on a small spot!
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It's very much how you apply/remove the wax.

Pull it off against the grain of the hair, etc.
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From all the responses I saw I'm coming to the conclusion that it's no easy matter lol. I think my mistake must have been in the pulling technique but I just dont' think I can pull off the wax the right way on my own...I probably need someone to do it for me.
This is my new alternative:

Anyone have experiences? I've had this for a while but never used it because of the pain, but when I used it the other day on the minimal amount of hair that grew a week after having my legs waxed there was nearly no pain at all...
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I have an epilator as well. I find at times it hurts more than waxing LOL. Other times its not bad at all. But it works fairly well, although it is time consumming for me as it doesn't always get all the hairs so I have to go over it a few times, in different ways.

Just don't use lotion before using an epilator.... I wrecked one by doing that

I've never done sugaring though, but after reading, I may try it.
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