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Two in one day...

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It's the inevitable side of rescue work that I really hate. Today two of our kittens died. Magick and Tiny. As some of you know Magick had gotten really sick and we didn't catch it fast enough, she went down hill so fast. She died in her sleep while I was at work. Dave's mom was with her so I know she went in loving arms. Coccidia sucks. We've got to medicate everyone who shows any signs of runny stool now, which is everyone because of the strongid.

When I got home from work Dave's mom pointed me to another of the rescue litters, Tiny was a muted tortie (I believe that is the term for a grey tortie. Apparently Dave's mom saw the kitten laying in her slipper and thought nothing of it, kittens lay in slippers all the time. When she came back later one of the adult cats was laying full on the kitten (she wouldn't tell me which one of her cats it was.) She pulled the kitten out who was then gasping for air out from under the cat. I'm pretty sure the lack of oxygen caused brain damage. She lived for a few hours but she went suddenly limp after a seizure.

*sigh* It's been a rough day.
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Rest in peace, sweet kitties, no more pain or worries, and you can play freely over the bridge.

I'm so sorry. It's the hardest part of rescue.

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Oh, that's just terrible! I'm sorry. from Cammy and me!
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Thank you both. It is most defiantly the hardest and worst part of rescue work. When this happens it always makes me think about stopping-- but then I see all the others who still need me and I can't help but take in more. However this time knowing that part of problem is a transmittable problem I also worry for my furever kitties. Coccidia is just too easy to transmit, specially with kittens involved (all the cats help clean the kittens)-- and kittens can fade so fast from the dehydration... I'm scared that Magick won't be the only casualty of the Coccidia. I'm force feeding another kitten right now, Tiny's brother Creame. I wouldn't be able to stomach loosing him because that would be three to die from that litter (they had a stillborn brother).
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So sad. Rest in Peace, sweet kitties.

Thank you for the work that you do, Breellablue.
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Little Ones.
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I am so sorry R.I.P kittens Rescue work is hard and sometimes so heartbreaking, and at other times so so worth all the heart ache! hang in there!
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Poor angels You did your best

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I admire all, who are willing to rescue....
it takes courage and heart.
Thank you for not giving up.

Rest in peace little ones.
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RIP babies!! Watch over Ginger babies as they grow--I realize now how blessed I am that we've made it to 4 weeks without any major health issues!

Play happily over the bridge!

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Thanks again everyone. I'm going to get one of those "cats leave pawprints on our hearts" garden stones for the area by my pond to honor all of our cat losses. I wish I had room to bury them all close by.

Tiny's brother Creame is getting really sick from the coccidia, he's still nursing from mom and readily taking milk by syringe. Two other kittens are showing signs of early coccidia infection so we have had to put everyone back into cages and start medicating more, which i hate no matter how big the cages are-- but it's for everyone's own good. It's sad because now none of the oldest kittens can go up for adoption this weekend, and no new cats can come in the house till this infection is gone. Thank you all again for the support. And please, never take smelly runny poop lightly- i keep thinking that if I hadn't written it off as a food change reaction that Magick would still be here.
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{{{{{Breellablue}}}}}}} I'm so sorry you lost those kittens. You're an angel on Earth to the kitties you rescue, but rescue work inevitably means more losses. Yes, they do leave pawprints on our hearts. But you will always have a place in their hearts, too, and someday those kittens -- perfectly healthy now as they play at the Bridge -- will come running to thank you for caring for them.

Prayers for you, and for all your kitties who are ill, that they'll recover quickly from this infection.


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I'm sorry you lost the kittens I lost 3 in one day, so can certainly understand your grief! RIP little ones.
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I´m really so sorry for your loses......
RIP to both.......
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First I'd like to applaud the wonderful work you do for the strays that come into your life. It takes a very strong person to nurture, love, and possibly lose these furbabies.

I'm so sorry you lost 2 at a time, and also that the illness seems to be spreading to others. I know you are doing the best that you can, and thank you for all the little critters you have known and loved.
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