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I have missed y'all!!!

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I finally got internet service again. YAY! I have missed TCS and am very glad to be back. So much has happened, I may never catch up.
Scooter, Pepper, Pearl and Fluffy are all doing well. Pearl got out one day and loved it. She now resides in the pumphouse that is attatched to the house when she is not inside eating. Fluffy taught herself to use the toilet. Scooter and Pepper are still big couch potatoes.
I an no longer working for the cable tv company. I just couldn't sit in a cubicle and try to convince people that were out of work to keep their cable service. I am driving a cab and I love it. As long as I take care of the cab and the money comes up right, I never see my boss. I read between trips and get to talk to a lot of interesting people.
So how is everyone else doing over the past few months?
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Didn't you drive a cab a while back? Or am I not remembering correctly? Either way, I'm really glad you're happier in the new job! Scritches to all those gorgeous kitties!

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HI Hi Hi!!
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Welcome Back! Im glad to hear that everything is going well for you. Im really glad that you still have your kitties with you
I hope everything continues to fall into place for you
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welcome back! welcome back!
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I was wondering how you were doing! So great to hear from you and the kitties again!
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Welcome back! I seem to remember you had a birthday while you were away too!
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Welcome back Honey! We have missed you

Glad to hear all is well, and give some kisses to the furbabies for me!
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Hello stranger!, welcome back
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