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First taste of real food!!

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Ginger's babies have finally been exploring and have all tried cat litter--unfortunately some have tried it for a 2nd or third try. So when one was tasting today I grabbed it and stuck it right by the food bowl, much to my suprise she chowed down for 5 minutes--never lifting her head from the bowl. So I thought it might be time to try some wet kitten food.

They chowed down and it was hilarious!! Unfortunately Ginger came and ate the rest before they could keep eating. I'll try agian tomorrow and pull Ginger out of the cage while they eat. I made sure everyone got a taste--I have a nibbled finger from doing that--they have lots of teeth!!!

My babies aren't babies anymore!! It's making the decision on which to keep even harder by waiting to choose.

New pictures coming soon I promise.

Oh yeah I clipped some nails today, but its really a two person job.

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A rule of thumb, never let kittens under four months of age to be exposed to clumping litter. The litter can get in their eyes and cause infections. They can also get a bowel obstruction from eating it, which is a painful and costly problem.
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OH I know, its non clumping!

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Oh, I know, they grow so fast! It's a real heart-warmer when they eat their first hard food Ya, I don't know what their fasination is with eating litter!all of mine did that too! With some of mine to make them taste the food I had to rub wet food on their facesthen they were very confused when they liked it off!
So which ones are male and female? Can't wait to see them!
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Two peed in the litter box today!!!

I will post new pictures hopefully tomorrow--4 weeks--they'll be in fur pictures!

I'll label who is female and male, 3 females 2 males.

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Okay, I'll be sure to look!!
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Awwwww they are growing up It is bittersweet isn't it
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I was in a panic when mine ate cat litter the first few times they explored it. Luckily I had been told to only use non-clumping. The transitions to solid food was a bit more dramatic for us though, eventually it turned out all right. For me I'm sad and happy at the same time, watching them develop.
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