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Pip's new toy

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Just ordered Pip a new toy. Now he can look out the window and see all the birds fly by. Just thought I'd comment since I'm so excited to see how he reacts to it. The only concern I have is that the site says it holds 20 lbs. max. Not that he's a fat cat or anything, he's only a kitten, but we have other cats. Maybe this will be off limits for them. Poor kitties. And here's a picture of Mr. Pip.

This is in his early kitten days; he has a more cat like look now, though he's only just about to get his 3rd set of kitten shots.
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Aw, Pip is adoooorable! Looks like he's going to have so much fun on his new cat tree. Post more pics!
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Pip is a cutie and I am sure he will love his new toy
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Nice tree!!
Pip is sooo adorable! Love those eyes!
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What a cutie!! I bet he will absolutely love his new toy!
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Thanks for the replies guys! The supplier just sent me an email saying that one was out of stock, but they would send a different one for the same price.

This is what he's getting now.


And I thought some of you would like an updated picture of Pippers.

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