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Hi Dali

Thanks very much for the stuff, it made me cry I loved it soooooo much, the feather, the button which i carry around with me all day the earings, ohmygosh SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute thanks and every thing else, the braclet, the letter the feathers

Consider yourself brilliant!

Thanks soooo much
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Thanks for the postcard Sherral!!! It was great! And no, I'm not getting sick of lighthouses! I don't have hardly any of them....well I have quite a few, but they are scattered throughout, so I don't see them all at once! Thanks again!
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The ecards from my penpal are hilarious!!!! The Chocolate Chad and the "I love you more than a cold sardine on a hot day...." cards are priceless!!!

** still giggling **

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Ginger - Thank you for the "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie" cat card... It's so cute I have to show everyone - (Look at the teeny matching envelope, LOL!!) -- I love it!

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I got overwhelmed at mail time today. Debby sent me a wonderful package of surprises! Debby I love the musical globe and I hope that Amber did not get a tummy ache from sampling the soap! The Boyds Bears and the candles, the cards and body lotions...oh my!!! This means I won't smell like horses for awhile anyway! THANK YOU!!!

Then Russian Blue sent me a package with a wonderful binder full of her favorite recipes, a really cool journel- chocolates and other goodies!!!! Thanks Kass- I loved the surprises!! The cats say thank you for the treats too....

Made my day it really did- thank you both so much!
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Oh I am sooooo glad you liked it!!! And nothing was broken then??? Amber just grabbed that soap before I even knew she had gotten it out of the box and tried to take a bite of it! Guess she figured if it smelled good it might taste good as well!!!

I felt so bad for not getting my penpal package to you earlier...and now that I have gotten that accomplished, the next thing on my list is to send something to Jenn (jgaruba) for all the wonderful things she has done for me....I keep telling her I am going to do that...but haven't gotten it done yet. She has sent me issues of CatFancy that had Anne in them, and things for Amber, like the diaper genie she sent and even a wonderful B-day present for Amber which included Noah's Ark animals and a lovely pair of pajamas!)
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Hey! Do you have 2 penpals hissy? No fair!
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Oh how exciting maryanne!
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Actually they are from two different times of penpal sign-ups- they just happened to hit me in the same day with these wonderful wonderful gifts!
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That's cool. So should this be the new thank your penpal thread?

My penpal should have received their package by now...
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Originally posted by hissy
Then Russian Blue sent me a package with a wonderful binder full of her favorite recipes.....
It took me forever, because of technical glitches ,to get that recipe book together! Sorry for the delay (and please excuse the typos)!

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No don't make it a new thread of penpal thank yous. When I have more time I will go search for the old one and merge the two. I am in the middle of stuff right now, but I wanted to thank these two publicly for what they did!
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Well since we are on the subject....when I received Mary Anne's penpal package, it was just a week or so after Merlin had been killed, so I wasn't online at the time...I was taking a break from TCS....(because of his death) and so I never got to say publicly that I loved everything you sent Hissy!!! I know I thanked you personally...but just wanted to let everyone here know what a wonderful package you sent me!! My favorite thing in it was the coffee cup with the little bear in the handle that spins!!! And there was candy, a sewing kit, coffee, bear figurine, little tiny stuffed pink dog, (which Amber has claimed as her own) candles, note pads, cat CD...and so much more!!!!!!! Thank you!!!
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I received a little package from harrythecat (Angela) today! Thank you Angela!!! I love the stickers
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My penpal should be getting their's very soon!!!!
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I got some cute little homemade catnip toys from Sicy today! Thanks Sicy! I'm sure they'll be well used!
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You're welcome Sicy! The next package will be from Harry to Zoey -- he wants to get in on the penpal action.
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Thanks Deb for the mousepad!!! It was such a neat surprise!

I'm so sorry Teresa for not sending anything to you for the month of August - I lost my sheet in the move and I can't find it to send you anything. and I've been so embarassed that I've avoided TCS for awhile... PLEASE send me your info again and I'll send you something a.s.a.p. thanks.
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Originally posted by harrythecat
You're welcome Sicy! The next package will be from Harry to Zoey -- he wants to get in on the penpal action.
LOL yay! Zoey says she cant wait!
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Debby, you are quite welcome! It was a joy to put together!
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Big Kat:

Wow.... I'm so spoiled!!!!


The hand painted gourd is beautiful, Jack and Cooper are trying to eat it!!

They really like the cat nip toy.... and promptly ate all the catnip refills!

Your handmade "Queen" card made me laugh!!!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart - I HAVE THE BEST PEN-PAL.

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Yay! I was waiting for you to get it. I hope the boys like the cat nip pillow I made for them too!

And PS - the gourd is for you not them!
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Sorry.... yes they love the pillow....

I forgot about it cause Cooper pulled it out of the box as I was unwapping it...

She took it to "her spot" and hit it!!!!

The gourd is hanging in the downstairs bathroom (where we keep the litter boxes) The pink matches the room~~~

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VAl Thank you! The boys just want to show you how they feel about your gift

I think they had just a little too much of the nip though
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it is so funny to see cats reacting to the nip, mine don't even react to it anymore because they are around it so much!!

Looks like your guys are really enjoying it! they are going to be getting another exciting gift shortly
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Sicy, Thank you for the cute keychain! I'm using it already.
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