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Thank Your Pen-pal Here!

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I know many of you are starting to receive emails/gifts/cards.....

Let's be sure to thank each other!

Please post to this thread only - we don't want your thank you getting lost in the Lounge!

I'll start......

THANK YOU ALL for joining the Pen-Pal Club - without you this would not have been possible!!!
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Thank you Lhezza for organizing this- and here is my thanks to mine who wants to try and stay anonymous at least for now:

I just got your E-card, but not your name yet
I needed the smile, I've been to the vet
One of my cats, has a really strange eye
I saw it this morning, and tried not to cry.

She is going to be fine, but it won't be tomorrow
Your rhyming card has helped to lift most of my sorrow-
I find it intriguing you've chosen the rhyming route-
But you better be careful or I might find you out!

Let the games begin! LOL
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Thank you Brenda for the really cute E-card that I got on Monday. It really did brighten up an otherwise dull Monday morning.
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Thanks to my pen-pal for the 2 belated birthday cards AND the card with the cat inspired sticky note pad.

Very cute and your so organized....3 things already and it's only June 5!

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Thank you for the email! I'm just thrilled to find more that ads to enlarge parts of the body I don't even have! LOL

The personalised photos for my kitties are fab! I can't wait to go to the dollar store and get frames for them!
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Thanks for the cute ecard from my penpal valanhb that I got yesterday.
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Thank you Sherral, for your email letting me know who you were. I am going to send mine off either tomorrow or Monday, to mine...you'll just have to wait and find out! lol
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Thank you to Ghyslaine for the E card I recieved yesterday afternoon!
It was a nice surprise! Thanks again!!
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I want to thank two people! My Pan Pal - that one I got e-Card from, and my Pen Pal ( ), which I already sent a letter to - but she aslready sent me back stuff too!!! I haven't got it yet, but I know its coming...

Thanks Adrienne & Shirley!!! you girls are the greatest!!!

Lhezzza - thanks for making this happen!!
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Thanks for the email Teresa! It was so nice to open my Inbox and find something other than junk mail!
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Always nice to get "friendly" mail in the morning!!!!
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Better keep with the program.

Thanks, kimward! My cats are having a "crinkly" day!
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Hi How can I join?
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I believe that Lhezzza will be letting more members who are interested join in 3 months.
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Originally posted by Toprecious2b14
Hi How can I join?
I don't know if they are taking new members, but I'll be your penpal if you want.

edit: nevermind me, slow dial up access, lol. deb knows more about this than i do.
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Thank you Sandra for your great e-mail's!
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Bumping this up to say thank you to Angela for the cutest postcard!

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Nunny - I did send you a package - I hope you get it before you leave!

I still haven't recieved anything (not even an email) from my penpal. That is ok - I am sure I will get a note soon.
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Harrythecat, I got your package today! I love the pen - it is soooo cute! Thank you muchly!

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You're welcome Kellye! I figured a pen was perfect for a pen-pal
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Sandie~ thank you for the planner and kitty toys!! They are soo cute!!!
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To whoever it is that has me-

You are doing a great job keeping your identity hidden! You have lots of help apparently from others on the board who like to play games.

Thanks for the card!
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Lhezzza Thank you for the e-card! It was an unexpected surprise!
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Thanks to Lhezzza for the E card today! It was really cute! Thanks again!!
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Lhezzza Thank you for the e-card! I loved it!
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This is a hearty thanks to malynn! It must've been a shock to find out it was my birthday almost immediately and she came through great!

Malynn--I'm forwarding the toys to my babies at my folks house. They thank you too!
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*does happy dance*

I just got the cutest ecard from my penpal Ericka - TTMom!!!!

Thank you so much! You have made my night!!!

*dances around the room*

Loved it!

Oh... and she said there is something coming to me by mail. I feel like a little kid at Christmas time!! *giggles*

And Lhezza.... thank you for the ecard today! How sweet is that???
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Thanks for the e-card lhezzza
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Lizza, I loved your Ecard, thanks!!!
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Lhezza, that was such a cute card! I shared it with my cousin! Thanks!
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