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Something doesnt seem quite right? misdiagnosis?

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One of my cats has had a fair amount of green discharge from one of her eyes for the past 4 or 5 days, it was so bad her eye was almost shut and it appeared swollen around the eye area. She also had some sneezing, diarrhea, and was sleeping more than usual but no fever and her lungs were clear. Her ears were very dirty full of dark colored wax so the vet cleaned them both out good.

So we took her to the vet expecting it to be some sort of infection.
The vet said it could not be an infection because it was only in one eye. She said perhaps my cat got her eye scratched by our other cat or got something in her eye so she put this green dye in to check for scratches, the eye was perfectly fine.

I told the vet usually her "sleepys" are usually brown color when they dry, never green. The vet said sometimes they can be green. But since her eye was fine (no scratches to cause the heavy tearing/gunk), I come to the conclusion the vet never really told us why she had the green gunk? She gave us antibiotic eye ointment which unfortunetly is nearly impossible for us to get in our cats eye, wheres oral antibiotic we could have just put in the wet food. The vet did put one dose in her eye before we left. When we got home our cat still had some green gunk coming out.

Do you think the vet was correct, or do you think we werent told everything what it really was?
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Often, an eye issue can only be solved via eye ointment, not oral anti-biotics. It usually takes about 7+ days on an eye ointment for it to clear up for the most part.

So - yes - I would agree with the vet.
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Well, green=infection in both snot and eye discharge, so on that part, I'd disagree with the vet. However, anytime an eye is involved, pretty much the only way to get it cleared up is to use eye drops or an eye ointment. So on that, I'd agree with the vet.

You can wrap your kitty in a towel to make it easier to dispense the antibiotic.
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Oh ok, this was the first time any of our cats ever needed eye ointmemt, so I was not knowledgeable much about it.
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But it sounds like you're right that the cat has an infection or virus that's not just in the eye. If the sneezing, fever and digestive problems are still happening, I'd go to a different vet for a second opinion. The eye antibiotic will help the eye, but not anything else that's going on.

When my cat was sick in a similar way a few years ago, he got antibiotic eye ointment for the eye, plus an oral antibiotic for his respiratory infection.
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