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Then and Now - Roxie

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A year ago tomorrow a small, sick little stray cat ran up to me while I was in my backyard. She lived in my garage for a month. She had a very long list of things that were wrong with her and spent the month going to see the vet and on medication.

After that month, she then went to live in her new forever home with my mother. She was named Roxie. She still has some health issues, but she has come a long way in the past year.

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Awww, she's adorable, what a difference Many vibes for her
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Aww, look at her! I bet your mother wouldn't want to part with her now.
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She is a beauty
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My mother is very attached to her and Roxie is even more attached to my mother. She truly is a velcro kitty. Her day consists of sleeping, eating and following my mother around.
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Her eyes look so much brighter and her coat is beautiful. Kudos to your mom for sticking it out with her.
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Oh my goodness Karen!, what a huge difference. She's really filled out nice and healthy bless her

Roxie came along for your mum just at the right time as well
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Oh wow, what a difference. She has filled out into a gorgeous girl. I love her facial expression.
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She is looking lovely.
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Wow, what a change.

She looks great...... good job
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Wow - the condition she was in makes me sick. After somehow surviving like that, she deserves a fantastic home with your mother!
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Aww...look at that chunky monkey! I'm so pleased that after all that all of you went through, that she's turned out so wonderfully, and that she and your mother have bonded so tightly!
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Wow! Roxie looks amazing. It's great that she has a wonderful home with your mother.
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What a great story - Roxie is gorgeous!
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Karen, that is an amazing difference. I love her name too.
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WOW! Roxie looks wonderful. What a difference. Sooooo great, too, that she and your mother have taken to each other so well.
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You are Roxie's guardian angel.
Your watchful eye has made a wonderful difference in both Roxie and your Mother's lives.

Beautiful Roxie
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