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Why no females?

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Since moving to our house 3 years ago, I've been caring for the ferals in my neighborhood. In these three years only one feral female has ever showed up. Sadly she was killed by a car before I was able to trap her. So....where are all of the feral females? According to the Alley Cat Allies information sheet, in most colonies it is 60% female and 40% male. But at my house every one of the ferals is male. Not that I'm complaining, I just think it is odd.

Any ideas why we have no females (other than two very sweet spayed neighbor's cats who like to visit).
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Maybe more males are dumped due to spraying problems?
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Look on the bright side- lower vet bills! You want some feral females there are plenty over here in my neck of the woods.
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Yes...altering females is much much more expensive (and risky) than neutering the males. Believe me, I am pleased that I have only males to deal with, but I think it is really weird. Makes me wonder about the air...perhaps fumes from the chicken processing plant up the road makes all cat fetuses male.
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Most of my cats are males. I think alot of males where attracted here because of snowwhite.
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