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Such a small world!

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Sometime last year I got talking to a guy I work with since we both were born & raised in New Jersey and are now living in Charleston, South Carolina. We started talking about where in NJ we were from, and he told me Rockaway, which is where my maternal grandmother lives, and where I spent the first 2 years of my life pretty much. He and my mom both went to HS in Rockaway, he just went to the rival HS of the one my mom went to. They both graduated in 1977. His wife actually was in the same school as my mom, and graduated in 1978. Last month, my mom turned 50 on April 27. The next day, he had 50th birthday streamers everywhere. His birthday is April 28. Weird!!

Next occurance was when we found a DeLorean in a junkyard down the street from Rob's work. We posted it on a DeLorean enthusiast forum, and it turns out that parts of this same junked DeLorean is on a car in NORWAY. The person from Norway had parts shipped to him from Charleston from this same car, and there was also some posts from the guy who owned it before it ended up in LKQ.

Today there was yet another occurance of how it is a small world. Someone added me on Facebook who was friends with about 6 of my pole class friends, as well as a guy I used to work with. I found that weird enough, that she was a pole enthusiast, and friends with this other guy too. Upon further looking at her profile, I also learned she is friends with a person trying to file a lawsuit against Rob's boss! [In 2007, a guy Rob's boss knew stole one of the vans on the lot (which was insured by his boss's company) and drove drunk, killing a 3 year old in a wreck.] The 3 year old's mother is one of the best friends of the girl who just added me, as well as the guy I used to work with. So freaky!

Anyone else ever have any small-world experiences?
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When I was living in Guam, they hired a new guy at out store and I was training him. During a slow time, we got to talking about where we were from (he was military) and found out we had both lived in Maryland. I asked where, and he said "oh, a small town you probably never heard off...." It was my home town! I mentioned it to my mom and mentioned his name...she started to describe him to a tee! Here, it turns out he did yard work for my parents one year while I was in college! And I met him 10,000 miles away!

Yes, it IS a small world!
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When I was just starting at the job I have (I have been there for 9 years now) there was another girl that was my coach when I first got on the phone. We were talking about our families and where they lived. I mentioned my maiden name and that I had a brother in Oklahoma. She asked me his name and then proceeded to tell me where in Oklahoma he lived, who his wife was at the time and named all three of his kids! Turns out she had lived next door to him and his second wife. Talk about a small world!
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