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Anyone use Preen in their garden?

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I'm weeding a bed around my dogwood tree, and it's such a hassle getting to it---all those low hanging branches---that I'm considering buying some Preen or something like that to use there. I have some golden creeping jenny and some lamium growing there, and looked them up on the Preen website to see if it would hurt them. The creeping jenny wasn't listed, but it gave the name of a 'comparible' plant that the Preen could be used with.
I'm wondering if anyone here has used Preen or some other product like it. Does it actually work? Will it kill out the wild violets that take over the bed?
Any thoughts?
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I use a commercial version of Preen (its much cheaper and covers more square feet!)
Anyhow one needs to have the beds weeded as it will not take care of current weeds.
Also if you plan on planting in any beds that you use this product-don't use it as how it works is that it inhibits root growth.
It does work well but it doesn't take care of every single weed.
It will not take our wild violets or creeping jenny but I do know of another product that will at least take care of the creeping jenny.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
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Actually, it's the wild violets I'd love to get rid of! No matter how well you dig them out it seems as if a little piece of root stays behind to grow again. I want the creeping jenny; the violets drive me crazy!
Any ideas on how to get rid of them? They are through out every flower bed I have.
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Well did you know the violets are Wisconsin's state flower. Actually I have lots in my many beds and I really like them!

The small clumps are pretty easy to pop out. The larger clumps you do need to be more careful digging out as they seem to have more of a core. They are fairly shallow rooted though. Use a small, narrow trowel and you should be able to remove them without damaging any other plants.

The creeping jenny is ok but make sure it doesn't get to close to the edge of a flower bed. That's what happened to me and it jumped into the lawn. Lucky for me I have a selective herbicide that will take care of them.
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I believe the violet is the Illinois state flower, as well. I do like them---to a point. There must be 2 different species in my yard. Some stay small, probably no taller than 2-3 inches, and get the pretty little purple flower. The other one gets 6-8 inches tall, and I don't remember ever seeing a flower on it. Same pretty heart-shaped leaves, looks like the same stem and root system, but they absolutely take over if I don't dig them out. My lawn is probably more violet (the small one) than grass and I really don't mind that. It's the big buggers that I'd love to eradicate somehow.
The bed I have the creeping jenny in is surrounded by a brick edging, so I may be able to contain it fairly well. I just love the golden color of this particular cultivar.
Happy gardening!
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