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Funny tail about a cute funny fella

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My youngest, Panther, has asthma and has to be on an inhaler. After he gets the "puffs' he gets treats so NOW when he wants treats or sees me sitting on the floor; he comes to me and settles between my legs and waits. I puff him and wipe his face and then he gets his treats.

I can't believe how smart he is to figure this out all by himself!
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I got an error message when I tried to view the file. It sounds so cute though!
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When did you get the error message? When you tried to see the photo or what?
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What a good boy! Feline asthma can be so difficult for them and us. We just can't explain to them what is happening or why they need to do the inhaler. Glad you've got a good system with your Panther! He's a handsome boy too!! (I could see the link...must have just been down when Sam clicked Happens sometimes.)
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What a good, smart boy Panther is. Of course, he is unbelievably handsome, too. The link worked for me as well.
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He is a nice, sleek looking, little "panther".

We have been "treats trained" by our scheming, 10 year old tuxedo cat, Morgan.

A year and a half ago, she stopped eating and that meant a 5 day stay at the vet.

All is well now, but in a multi-cat home, we needed to confirm she was interested in eating.

Quickest way of doing this was to periodically offer a few treats.

She now beggs from anyone and thinks she should have them every 10 minutes. She puts on a pitiful display, squeaking and falling on her side.

Sometimes she forgets and spoils the credibility of being desperate for treats; she sits in the kitchen and starts a begging meow which seamlessly transforms into a yawn.
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Awww...what a handsome kitty! His coat is so shiny!

I trained my cat to tap the hand he thought had a treat in it, so now anytime anyone's hand is being held in a loose fist, Maddox will tap it, looking for a treat.
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