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Petey pee'd on Peter

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I have a 2 year old main coon! He has such a unique personality!!!

A few years ago, when Petey was about 6months old, we had a friend over, this was his first time visiting. (Petey is very affectionate to anyone other then me! When new people, especially children, are over he will throw himself at there feet!). Well when our friend Peter was here Petey crawled in his lap and urinated on him ! He had never done that befor and has not done it since! Any ideas why he may have done that?
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Perhaps he was really relaxed? If it hasn't happened again I wouldn't worry about it!
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lol i thought this was a joke at first
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Yes, I am guessing he was either really relaxed or really excited, like how dogs sometimes pee when someone comes to the door. At least, my neighbor's dogs do.
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my parent's dog does what your neighbors dog does, but that s because she has a medical condition where she can't control her muscles when she gets excited, it's totally different from your cat's pee.

Like was said if he hasn't done it since it could have just been a random experience. If he did it all the time I would say it could be a territorial marker or a health condition.
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