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Question of the Day May 16th

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Morning All!!

My question today deals with collecting and it's a two-parter:

Do you collect anything and if you had unlimited finances to put towards collecting what are some of the items you'd choose?

I collect two things, cat fridge magnets, and miniature glass animals.

If I could spend whatever I wanted on collecting I think most likely be fine china, ceramics, and porcelain.

This week at work I got to catalogue a Limoges box that was just beautiful. It was in a Queen Anne's style which is slim at the top and bottom and bulbous in the middle. It was done in bone china and decorated in a flower motif. The stems and branches were done in gold and the flowers were done in red, purple and blue enamel..It was gorgeous but it was also $600 way out of my $1.99 budget.
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I don't collect anything, unless cat hair tumbleweeds count?
If I had bagloads of money, I would collect original artworks.
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I collect reproduction carousel horses and menagerie animals and I collect reproduction Notre Dame Cathedral gargoyles.

Both of these collections have also spun off into music box and snowglobe collections.

If I had money, and a yard I would expand my gargoyle collection to include all of the 19th century gargoyles and grotesques.
And I'd certainly add a few actual sized restored late 19th and early 20th century carousel pieces. There is also a fully working carousel miniature that I have wanted for some years now.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Do you collect anything and if you had unlimited finances to put towards collecting what are some of the items you'd choose?
Great Question!...
a big answer for this.... let see.......If I have an unlimited finances, I never made a collection of something that really get lost in time, for example I´ll not made a Car collection like J Lenno.... to many expenses in service and dutys too...

Before to get married I use to collect items of the Star-Wars toys but not a lot, are very not commound in mexico this toys years ago... After to get married, we decide to collect EVERYTHING about cats!... I mean ceramic, stamps, books, earrings, clothes, EVERYTHING!, the collection is getting well!...
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Don't really collect anything.

My sister got me these painted wine glasses, they are collectors items, they are really cool. They are sort of expensive, so if I had the money I would collect more of them.
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DH & I collect everything! He has Star Wars & Star Trek toys (SW dating back to the first film in 1977), WWII Germany military items, Nightmare Before Christmas items, metal ships and tanks (Tootsie Toy type toys), and he loves Egyptian type items.
I collect vintage Halloween items, Madame Alexander dolls (pre-1965), antique bisque dolls (which I can't afford anymore, unfortunately), gargoyles and fairies for the garden, music boxies, old wooden boxes, and vintage wind-up toys.

If I had unlimited funds, I'd collect Ford Mustangs (1964 1/2 to 1967 only) and paintings by Vincent van Gogh.
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I collect cat related things, and keychains.

If I could have unlimited funds to spend on a collection, I'd collect Camaros. Real ones.
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I collect hand blown glass balls by a mom and pop company that comes to a craft fair here a couple times a year. I have a whole bunch of them in all different colors all throughout my house. If I had all the money in the world I would cover my house in these.

I also collect anything with dragonflies on it.

If I had a ton of money, I would collect old pyrex dishes. I think they are cool! lol
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ok please don't laugh but I collect Submarines and submarine related items!!

My fiance and I also collect shot glasses from the places we visit as well as a christmas ornament from each place (because I have a rather empty christmas tree! and in my family the christmas tree acts as a scrapbook with each ornament telling a piece of family history and when I moved out I couldn't bring myself to remove my pieces of history from my parent's "master tree" and neither could my siblings so my parents have all the ornaments from our childhood's but we each took one or two REALLY special ones for our own tree) So I am working on my own family tree with my fiance.

I also collect cows and llardo sculptures and my fiance collects records.
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I collect: fantasy statues (dragons, fairies, etc.) and webkinz stuffed toys

If I had all the money I needed, I would have a collection of cars/ know, a daily driver, a truck for pulling hubby's car and if we ever get a camper, my sporty car, a couple fixer uppers....a convertable cougar, with of course, some nice engine mods. A vehicle for every mood or occassion.
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I am not a big fan of dust collectors..but I tend to collect perfumes!
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I forgot to mention my sock monkey collection! I love the old ones; they have so much personality.
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