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Name Poll: Red Collar kitten

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And the scoop on Mr. Red.

He's the aggressor of the two.... always ready to pounce on you. He's the one pinning his brother down... always in your face, fearless, bigger in size... Slightly fluffier than his brother. Not timid in the least.

He is very energetic, explorative, bold. I have a hard time getting pics of him because he is all over the place. When playing with a dangly wand toy.... his brother is the one watching as this guys runs in circles catching it. He is more involved.

he's the one on top


gettin' ready to pounce

saying hi to the camera

sweet face

mid pounce

mmmmm. Nom nom nom

and a pic of both together:

I have some names, but none are jumping out at me.... so if you have any suggestions, please add em My nameless kitties would appreciate it.

You can choose more than one.

The one I'm leaning towards right now is Kitchi....but none are jumping out and saying yes, this is the one.
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He looks like a little Kitchi. These guys are so incredibly cute. They look just like my Muddy when he was that age. His sister Koko had a personality closer to your red collar boy than Muddy.
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I voted for Kenta!! They are both so cute! I'm looking for another thread abuot them since I was away and missed out on when you got them.
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He does look like a Kitchi, but I chose Adagio for Mr. Green Collar, which means Mr. Red Collar would be Allegro. Hm. Dung means brave in Vietnamese (to go with MY theme), but that's not a very good name in English. Duong means virile. Chien means fighter, warrior. Cuong means flourishing, healthy.

Ok. I am choosing Kitchi for him out of your list. He is insanely adorable as well. You have to keep posting pics of these babies. You have no choice.
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Oh, man. I don't know how you're going to let them go when the time comes!

I do like some of the Japanese names ... since they are yin and yang in personality...
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I got curious and did some noodling around on the internet, which my BF calls the worlds' most effective time-waster!

I found some words in English and Japanese that I liked... so I thought I would toss them out there for consideration:

Kuro = Black
Neko = cat
Miwaku = charming
Kawaii = cute
Tomo = friend
Kiraku = easygoing
Gamushara = daredevil
Kariudo or Ryoushi = hunter
Osoresu = no fear
Heiwa = peace
Kichou= precious
Senshi = warrior
Ani = older brother
Otouto = younger brother

Gender: Masculine

Usage: Indian

Other Scripts: ललित (Hindi)

Means "playful, charming, desirable" in Sanskrit.
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I don't like Kitchi because of the closeness to Kizzy. I voted for Vigor.

He is adorable!
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Hey, Chris - any decisions yet?
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Hey, Chris - any decisions yet?

Nothing seems to fit.... I go to play with them, and none of the names seem to "work" you know?

Although I need to think of something, cuz they both have vet appts tomorrow and I don't want the vet to put "unnamed".
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Oscar and Felix! "the odd couple"
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DH suggested Vandel And I like Loki
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From the description, Brutus comes to mind... Brutus and Popeye?
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