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Sat. May 16th: Plans? Work or Play?

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(first of all, I've asked before and didn't get an answer....but does anyone mind that I start the weekend threads sometimes? If you do, I'll stop. The only reason I started was curiousity as to what people do on the w/e's)

For some weird reason, I'm up at 7am.... nice sleeping in eh LOL.

-having my coffee and meds now
-will spend some time on here
- check the weather radar and see if its supposed to rain or not
-try to not smoke
- if its rainy I'll be doing some inside cleaning.... if its nice out, I will be doing some gardening

Have a great day folks
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I couldn't sleep in either - I was up at 6:15 when the alarm went off (forgot to turn it off last night). Everything is soaked from the storm we had last night so I can't garden unless it dries up a bit. I do need to pick up the things that were blown away from the winds. I got word of a garage sale in town where a woman is selling entire bolts of fabric. Since a guy told me about it, he had no idea how to describe the fabric so I don't know if I can use it, but will mosey over there early this morning.

So other than the garage sale, indoor cleaning for me unless it dries out, then I'm out to garden.
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I checked the radar... Unfortunately it is supposed to rain on and off all day.

So the plants I got yesterday, will stay in the garage Might go out and do some shopping, pick up the rest of my gardening supplies. It's a dreary day, typical for our May long weekend.
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It's supposed to be warm but mostly cloudy today so I've let the boys out on the screened porch and and planning on getting out to do some planting. I have soo many vegetables to plant but I have to pick all the rocks out of the garden first (which I am soo not motivated to do) and I've got about 400 dahlias to plant (my few plants from last year spawned like crazy!) so I need to figure out where they should go and I've got more gladiolas to put in.
And the cat boxes need cleaned.
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For some reason my ankle decides to scream when I try to sleep, I'm up every hour or so.

I have a 12pm appointment with a specialist and then it's back to bed for a couple more hours. I'm going to try to work tonight (if the manager lets me). If not, then I'll be trying to catch up on the mountain of homework I have due for Tuesday.

Either way, no fun for me this weekend.
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Got up around 5:30 (thanks cats, I really did need to get up early). Cleaned the house a bit, ate breakfast, and now (9:00) I'm researching cars while waiting for DH to get through exercising so we can go out to the car lots. Such a fun way to spend a Saturday.
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Morning All!!!

Well Snake_Lady since I am the only other person who starts the weekend threads and it doesn't bother me, knock yourself out. I normally don't arrive until after 10 anyway and I got the daily question as well.

Pouring rain here today, chilly and not very nice at all. I have to work from 12-4 but that's not so bad. I will just be cataloguing some of the items that arrived this week.

My boss purchased a box lot from an estate sale and it is very interesting going through the stuff, identifying it and doing a bit of research to see what it's age is, worth and such...Did I say I love my new job..

The kitties are all napping this morning. They are not overly impressed with the lousy weather.

Everyone have a great day
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goodmorning all!..

I just sitting in my work as usually all saturdays... nothing exciting for us this weekend...
I can´t believe the grass of the garden is high now... so should to cut it today on afternoon......
Not f-1 race for this weekend... I should to wait to next week!

Happy saturday to everyone!...
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I'm back from the garage sale. I got about 20 yards of a tropical print for $15. I have 35 feet of windows in our sunroom that desperately needs some type of fabric print to surround them (I'm thinking valances). I'll have a ton of fabric left to either make beach wraps, purses, cat beds, or all of the above. It's teal, sagey green, purple and sandy-yellow. The walls in that room are painted a color called Michigan Dunes. The shades are sage green. It will look awesome to add a big splash of color. I think I'll even recover all the chair cushions out there while I'm at it.

And better still, the woman's best friend owns a fabric warehouse and she is going to do a huge sale next weekend. She gave me her phone number to call to get directions - it's not open to the public. I need about 30 yards of sail cloth to make a retractable cover for our deck.

Big score today. Time to scoop the litter.......
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Today there is a fundraiser for the rescue group I work with, here's a link to the thread I posted about it.

other than that I'm wishing my ride would get here and watching Magick, who seems to be doing so much better!
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I was up early the dishes done, did some online stuff - updated on Twitter, and am getting ready for a guild run (heroic nexxus!) - World of Warcraft for those not familiar - in about a half hour.

Quick cup of coffee and breakfast first

Kitties are fed, Choochie medicated and morning tummy kisses and lovings the hubby up <G>...sun is out, we are grilling later today!

Reminder set for the Preakness
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We got up fairly early, made some pancakes, had some coffee..cleaned the kitchen, vacummed..Now we going to head out of town for some family visiting!
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Went and picked up some seeds..... I'm going to try growing pea's this year. I like munching on em raw....

Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Morning All!!!

Well Snake_Lady since I am the only other person who starts the weekend threads and it doesn't bother me, knock yourself out. I normally don't arrive until after 10 anyway and I got the daily question as well.
kk. Just didn't want to offend..... sometimes I'm up early, sometimes not...
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We had a lazy morning (Saturday morning are always lazy!), I'm about to hit the books and will study for a couple of hours, then we're off to a 2 year old's birthday day this afternoon - yay! She's like family to us, so we're looking forward to it
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I am currently enjoying my first day off when I have nothing to do in forever! Although right now I'm waiting to take these dumb teeth whitener strips off!

I'm searching for a few new ringtones right now just cause I'm tired of my old ones!
I plan on going to the tanning bed here in a few minutes and then hopefully do some shopping with the girls!
Oh and I called ATT this morning and hopefully got my phone fixed! Lets hope it last! Now I have to reset all of my stuff!

Other than that not a lot planned! May go out on the town tonight but doubt it because most of my friends that like going out dancing are under 21 and they cant get into most of the clubs tonight and those friends that are over 21 arent big on dancing... seesh!
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I was up earlier than Rob this morning, about 8am. Cooked him 3 eggs for breakfast, then spent some time with the fur babies before I headed to pole practice at 11, and he went to work. Now I'm at the shop too, just had Wendys for lunch and we're waiting on our tires to be balanced at Gerald's. Then its possibly to the gun range, out to dinner for date night, movie, and bed!
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I slept until 10:15, then got up and took a shower, then went to a knitting class with my mom at 11:30. After that I drove to my weekly babysitting job and I'm here from 1pm until between 11pm and 12am. Then I'm going home and going to bed. LOL

Tomorrow we have church and other than that we don't have anything planned as far as I know.
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It's I worked...and worked some more.

Did some food shopping and going to call it an early night since my knee kept me up all night and when I started to fall asleep Tilly decided she wanted to play....

quiet fiance is working late so I am going to watch the season finale of House that I tapped.

BUT tomorrow I am going to see a play with my mother.
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Almost in a frost advisory for tonight!

Had a long day at the shelter, adopted out a few kitties at least! Lots of $$ raised at a plant sale there. Came home, spent some time with the dogs & cats.... Now I think I have a dozen cats & a dog to get put on Petfinder in hopes they get adopted!
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So im getting on here fairly late lol. Umm i got up early at like 7 to go to the barn and take care of the boys, went to work from 10-3:30,really tired from it we had a buisy day and i wasnt allowed any breaks.... Had to go to my gandparents for my cousins birthday adn i am now home trying to type my 10 page story for my creatvie writing class lol.
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I'm on a business trip in California (near San Jose) where I'm coordinating a meeting. The weather's been a little warm, but beautiful, the scenery is awesome and the hotel is beautiful. The downside is that the hotel staff isn't very on top of things. It's been one crisis after another for two days. I'm at the end of my second 17-hour day in a row. Fortunately, the meeting's over at noon tomorrow and I'll have the rest of the day to myself, since I don't have to fly back until Monday. So the question will be...what to do with a half day to myself in the San Jose area?
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I'm a bit late to this one. Yesterday I spent most of my morning studying. After that my mom came over for a bit and we had a nice little lunch together at my place. After my mom left my sister Kimmy and I went to the fish store and she treated me and herself to some lovely new fish/frogs for our tanks (lets just say I had a slight fish tank catastrophe recently and lost several of my gorgeous fish I'd had for years). After we got our tanks set up I went back to her house for supper with my family.

After that I went out with my best friend for a little bit. That's about it! It was a crazy but fun day. (studying aside!)
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