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What could be wrong with my baby

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I have had my gorgeous little princess Kallie for a year and a half. Ive had her since she was a baby. When she was litttle she had ear mites when she was a baby and i got rid of them. Tonight shes scaring me, she has been shaking her head, putting her ears down, scratching her ears and yowling. She keeps squinting her eyes and hiding under my bed. This happened for around 20 mins. i checked her ears theyre not dirty and i dont see anything. She is calmed down now and sleeping in a ball next to me but im still scared. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong with my baby i dont know what to do. I can't find an emergency vet and i have no money for a vet but i dont want her hurting. Someone lease help
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Kallie may be having a recurrence of ear mites.

If she's indoors only, she might have an ear infection. If this is the case, you may not be able to see it by looking in her ear since it will most likely be affecting the middle or inner ear. Most ear infections, if caught early, are not serious. But they can be annoying and painful to the cat, causing an itching sensation and/or inflammation. Untreated, the infection will get worse.

I don't think this is an emergency, but you should have a vet take a careful look at Kallie's ears. It might be something that can be easily treated, most likely with ear drops or antibiotics. Best thing is to have it checked out soon, to prevent it from becoming serious.

Please let us know how Kallie's doing.
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There's a thread in this very section you should probably read.

No one here can tell you what is wrong with your cat's ears, but the behavior you described strongly suggests she is in a great deal of distress and even pain. Cats tend not to show this, so that she is doing so is very significant.

Your cat needs a vet to check her ears, there is simply no way around it. Please get her to a vet soon. Try calling all of the vets near you or withing traveling distances. Often there will be a listing in the yellow pages for a regular office hours phone number and an after hours emergency one. However, all of the veterinary clinics I'm familiar with (in my area) have Saturday hours - usually open till noon.
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Your poor baby! She definitely needs to be seen by the vet to check her ears out. She could have mites or an ear infection, or she could be having some kind of allergic reaction to airborne allergens. There's just so many possibilities.

Call your regular vet's office. Leave a message or listen to the message to see what to do in an emergency. Otherwise, make an appt first thing Monday morning.
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