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blue. really - my whole house is done in shades of blue, w/black & white accents.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I was never like that when i lived with my parents My mum did everything for me, make my bed, do my ironing etc...

No one was more shocked than them when i became domesticated in my own house when i got married
LOL that gives me great hopes!!! I am messy now that i'm in school and live w/ parents- I just feel like how am I going to spend time making my bed when my HW isn't done and I have a test I still haven't studied for? I do everything the very last minute so I just can't afford to spend my last precious moments on cleaning up ...But I hope I improve when I start working...
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Somehow, my home has become a combination of blue and orange, two of my least favorite colors The curtains (oh, sorry..they are now called "window treatments) came with the house, and dark blue is about the only color that would go with orange and the pet hair! MIL says they are brown, but they are definitely orange. It works though since most of our house is now dark laminate wood flooring and we have a HUGE stone fireplace so it all pulls together.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Contemporary clutter
Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Mine is a subtle blending of dorm room and garage sale, with cat hair for accent.
Emphasis on "clutter".
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I love this thread!

I am definately country. Wood furniture, but not bulky looking. Feminine. Flowers, but not the 80's bug gaudy flowers. Delicate, feminine. See a pattern....

I have somehow managed to combine blues, greens, pinks, browns, mauves and every other color in between. I LOVE color. So it's hard for me to decide on a single color scheme. they have the same TONE so it works.

I have braided area rugs in the foyer and kitchen. Fluffy chair pads of a pink gingham that is reversable to a flower pattern. Matches my curtains.

I have these lamps that are MY FAVORITE!! They are stitched with flowers and birds in colorful threading. They are so whimsical!

Wood floors of a buttery color. They are in a geometric pattern too which adds some interest to the rooms.

My bathroom's main color is periwinkle with very light walls, not white but a very light creamy color. That color is throughout the house and makes it WARM while not overpowering the decor.
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It's interesting to see what everyone's style of decorating is. In the original post, I forgot to mention the heavy brown velvet drapes in the bedroom. They are "black out curtains". I don't really have much in the way of curtains in the rest of my house, but these were a necessity since I like to sleep in total darkness. However, since Daisy arrrived on the scene, she insists I keep the bedroom door open. So light pours in from everywhere, even in the middle of the night! She also likes to stand on the nightstand and look out the window thru those very drapes. I did have them taped to the wall so no light could come in, but that's a thing of the past.
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My house is decorated in reds and golds and heavy dark furniture, with lots of pictures of family all over
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Our house was built in the 1960's and I don't think it ever left! Lots of brown carpet, ugly wall paper and hideous light shades! Since it's Mum, 4 boarders and I it's pretty minimal but wait until you hit my bedroom. I think I would have the messiest bedroom ever!
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Traditional Country Garden.
Lot`s of white with punches of cobalt blue and dark, real red.
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I guess you would call my place modern, the kitchen table is glass and the living room is your modern day furniture very fluffy sofa and love seat with a recliner. Wood coffee table and end tables. I kinda like it.
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My house is decorated in early cat. My living room alone has about 5 cat trees in it and my sun room has the same. Kitchen and all 3 bedrooms have cat trees also.

But seriously, earth tones here with as much natural wood as I can have. I tend to go the style of mission (heavy southwest influence), but my sun room is definitely beach themed. I'm bringing in more and more bamboo into the house and the 2 styles (beach and mission) don't clash if you flow similar colors from room to room. And all of this in a 1972 contemporary style house.

The basement on the other hand is called the "man cave". Wood paneling with a slate faced bar and blood red curtains.
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im so not the house wifey type when it comes to things like this, i moved in with BF about 2 1.2 yrs ago, its his moms house but she moved downtown with the family because of medical issues, so its just me and him, and everything is basically the same it was as it was then lol.

even all my apts my friends use to say it looked like a college guy lived there lol. i keep everything very standard. as long as i have a bed to flop on at nite, that's the most important thing. My mom doesn't understand where i get it from cause shes a cleab freak and the house is decorated beautifully.
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