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Cat walking tips

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How long do you guys walk your cat?

My cat is extremely energetic and is bonkers to go outside. He cries for hours and hours to be let out, but we live in a big city and aren't too keen on letting him out.

So we got a harness and leash and started walking him this week. I'll walk him for ten minutes or so, then bring him back in. This clearly isn't satisfying to him so I just wondered how long you guys walk your cats and what length of time is satisfying for the kitty.

Thanks for any tips.
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I take Pumpkin outside a few times every week. We stay in the garden areas on each side of the house... they're pretty overgrown, and perfect for outside time for her, with lots of bugs and plants that she likes to sniff. There are also other cats in the neighborhood, so I'm sure she's also smelling their markings.

She NEVER wants to go back inside, despite being an otherwise indoor-only cat. But, usually she'll get to a point where she's satisfied to some extent, evident when she decides to sit down and start licking herself, or when she decides to just sit and look at the world. At that point I'll just find myself a spot next to her and we'll chill for a bit before going back inside.

She's a very calm cat, and she doesn't spook easily. Even when she does, she just poofs up and retreats to a safer area... there's a lot of traffic on our street, and sometimes a large truck will scare her. But, the important thing is that she trusts me and doesn't try to get out of the harness.

Zero, on the other hand, is very easily spooked, and I need to find him a walking jacket or something, because he's gotten out of the harness rather easily. However, he's not nearly as interested in going outside...
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Sounds like Pumpkin is similar to my cat. I think I'll have to bring an iPod or a book with me every time I walk him!
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Mine stay out for minimum 20-30 minutes, usually we're out for an hour or so. Depends on the weather, in Summer it gets too hot to be out too long but it's coming into Winter here so we stay out longer.
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