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Obsessive kneading - what to do??

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Hi, this is about my foster Hope... Friday is day 6 at home.
She is extremely skittish, but also extremely needy for petting and love... In one hand she runs at any sudden movement from me, including standing up, and on the other hand, she follows me around everywhere, and is a complete lap kitty. She is also VERY playful and curious... She has revived every single toy in the house.
There are three things I need to work with her:
1 - Her weight: she needs to put on some weight, and is well on her way to do so; she is eating very well, both wet and dry kitten food, with added vitamins.
2 - Her confidence level: I think she will need quite a bit of work here; she gets startled with anything and everything!
3 - Obsessive kneading: Funny, but it is literally painful to pet her! You talk to her, she kneads; you pet her, she kneads; you touch her at all, she kneads - ALL THE TIME, CONSTANTLY! I trimmed her nails, but it still hurts!
What is all this kneading about? Any suggestions on what to do about it?
I know it might sounds silly, but I need to make this girl adoptable, and as silly as it sounds, I think this might be a problem...
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One of my little girls is a kneader. She was always jitter and thin, but as she got more comfortable with me, she came around fine. She still kneads to excess but I just make sure that where ever she is on me is covered, usually, when I see her coming I throw something over me. I don't really think that would be a problem that would cause someone not to adopt her. Kneading I think is a form of security a throw back to kneading their Mama for milk. Her weight and the jitterness will come in time as she gets more comfortable with her soundings. She sounds like, given time she could be a wonderful sweet little addition to a family. Good luck
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Maggie, the feral born that my future MIL sounds exactly like Hope. She kneads constantly, sometimes even if she's not being petted. She's really skittish too, she will not come out from her hiding place if she doesn't recognize the voices she hears in the living room.
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Sounds like you are well on your way with the weight. I recommend play. It has helped all my cats adapt and grow confident and gain muscle tone. I love interactive play and making alot of fuss and praise as I play. I tell them they are superstars!! and tell them to "get it!" or "kick it!" they love the fuss!! Their my "frisky kitties!!" They know it's play time when I call them this.

In regards to the kneeding: Rocko is a HUGE needy kneeder. It is a comfort for him and a way to bond. I don't discourage it as I know it is completely second nature to him and would be like taking away his very essence to not be able to do this. And I love him. Any one who adopts a cat and loves them will put up with a whole host of things....i am one of them He hurts too! Because he tugs with his nails as he kneeds....ouch! i try to keep his nails cut but it seems like they grow faster than I can clip them. But I love him so I put done a blanket and let him have at it.
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Harley sounds so similar he was that way when he came--alth overweight but skittish and unsure. He's also my kneader, as well as ear lobe sucker and drooler. I don't discourage it, I give him love time and when I've had enough I tell him "mommy doesnt' want anymore now thank you" and place him off my lap. It took time for him to get the point but he's doing better. He will glance at me across the room (like from him basket bed) and I'll say something to him and he immediately starts kneading the air.

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Galahad is a kneader, too. He will be walking across the room to me and stop to knead the carpet on the way. Silly guy. The home he came from wasn't secure so I think it comes from that. He kneads blankets and me - doesn't try it with the other cats. Not sure how to break it - I love him so if he needs to need, its okay. Perhaps your girl will do it less with age and security?
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