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If you could..

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Meet anyone face to face, who would it be?

Famous people like roll models or any others who you feel have made a difference in your life...
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Drew Barrymore

She and I are in the same cohort. I remember watching her grow up on tv right alongside me. I read her book about her drug problems when I was a teenager. She just seems like such a real person behind the "star."
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My great-grandmother! She is the hero of my life. If I feel very bad or very good or just because, I sometimes go to the cemetary and talk to her, and sometimes she helps me in my dreams. She was very beautyful both on the inside and outside and very active and had a lot of good skills. I still meet people that have found out that she was my great-grandmother and tell me they knew her and what a magnificent woman she was...I could go on all night! She died in 1983 and I really would like to meat her again!
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Bono from the group U2 for a number of reasons: I love their music, and I think he's hot! But he also seems to care so much about people. He's worked so hard for debt relief for impoverished nations, and to help Africans suffering from AIDS.
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My 2 fav authors - Anne McCaffery and Mercedes Lackey.
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Adrienne, I love Mercedes Lackey's books too! I prefer the Valdemar stuff.

The Dalai Lama, what an intelligent, articulate and compassionate man.

MaryAnn (Hissy), so I could pick her brain for all the knowledge of cats she has! (Hey, she's famous here on TCS! )
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Bono from U2
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Adrienne, I love Mercedes Lackey's books too! I prefer the Valdemar stuff.

Those are my favs as well, but I have been enjoying her new series The Elemental Masters. Her newest book Joust is good as well. The only books of hers I don't have are the Diana Tregarde novels. She has 2 or 3 new books coming out by the end of this year.
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My grandparents. They live in Finland and I live in Belgium, too much distance and we can't afford to travel. It's been ages since I saw them and I miss them terribly
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Can it be spirits??
Can it be one person or more?
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If so,
Then I'd want to meet up back with my old animals who have passed on. If I can only meet one my kitsala.. I'd meet her without a doubt.. I miss her like crazy ..
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