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Ugh more storms!

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I hate storms. They make me so nervous! Last Friday we had some bad ones! Even a few funnel clouds, one of which I saw, and 3 tornados touched down near our town. We were out eating and left to see a funnel cloud looming in the distant and then got home to hear the sirens going off. That was scary!
I dont mind so much during the day but at night, EEEEEK!

But the weird thing is I am also insanely fascinated by these storms! I would love to see a tornado from a save distance if it was in a field not harming anyone or anything! But not upclose!
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Tis the season for storms. Last night in Missouri 4 tornados were spotted, 3 touched down and did major damage killing at least 3 people and injuring others. With it was large hail, and lots of power outages. I'm not that far from the areas hit AND we're suppose to get more storms tomorrow and Saturday. All we can do is pay attention to the weather reports, listen for sirens and be ready.
I've been through the damage of a severe tornado when I was younger, I don't ever want to be again whether it's during the day OR night. They are so scary!
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I absolutely HATE storms. They give me the hebeegebees, day or night! So far, there's been five tornadoes within twenty miles of my house this season. EEK! I get nervous when there's even the slightest bit of thunder, I'm a basket case when there's talk of tornadoes.
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We are supposed to get thunderstorms here tonight. My hubby lived in Kirksville Missouri when he was a kid. He still has family and friends that live in the area. All of them were ok and had no damage but it was still scary. The weather pattern weakened by the time it got to my area and was just a nosiy thunderstorm with small hail. The weather pattern today is supposed to be similar. I hope there are no more tornados though. I am sure my hubby will be checking in with his friends on his I-phone tonight while we are out if Missouri gets severe weather again. Stay safe everyone.
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Please, send me some of those storms here!... is plenty hot around here...
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