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2 kitties in NJ need home in 10 days

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Ok this couple will be moving to in England so they have to surrender the cats. If they do not find someplace to take them by Tuesday he will be taking them to St. Huberts in Madison, NJ

Details are:

They have cats, one five year old, male, orange tabby who is front declawed and large, about 20 pounds. The other one is all white, but not deaf, female, 3 years old and smaller. They both get along with dogs and kids with no problem. Both are very sweet and snuggly, love people, etc. The white cat is just a little more shy than the orange cat but still friendly and outgoing.

Apparently they have their house and cars here sold and are flying there next week. The house they were going to move to did allow pets and as of this morning that deal fell through as the man who was selling it lost the deal on the farm he was buying. So they had to scramble to get a place and this new place does not allow pets. After speaking with him, I do believe what he is saying as true, and no I didn't ask why they are moving there or anything.

If anyone can help on such short notice let me know.

Lives in Florham Park, NJ moving in 10 days.
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If I wasn't so full right now I could foster them and try to find homes but i'm packed I wish I could help. I really have a soft spot for white cats and orange tabbies I have some many maybe dh wouldn't even noticed
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I know, I know you would!

The thing with St. Huberts is that it is NOT a no-kill shelter. They will put them down if they don't find a home and Somerset regional shelter who no kill can't take then because Florham Park does not fall into their juresdiction.
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Helen, These are the no-kill shelters we have listed for New Jersey:

New Jersey

Amer Society for the Welfare of Cats, Bellmawr
Animal Adoption Center, Lindenwood
Burlington County Animal Alliance, Mt Holly
Cloister Animal Welfare Society, Cloister
Friends of Homeless Animals, Trenton
Humane Society of Bergen County
Humane Society of Ocean City, Ocean City
Hunterdon County S.P.C.A., Milford
Jersey Animal Coalition, Inc
Lindenwold Animal Adoption Lindenwold
Little Egg Harbor Animal Rescue Tuckerton
New Jersey Rescue, Transport and Foster
Noah's Ark Animal Placement & Rescue Clark, Clark
Open Your Heart Belle Mead,
Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge, Oakland

I do hope your friends will find a good home for their cats, or find an opening in one of these no-kill shelters. Please keep in touch.
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Thanks, I'l pass them on. Actually they are aquaintances of a woman I know through the regional shelter. I have also contacted a rescue organization here in the area to see if they have space. Waiting to hear back.

Wish them luck!!
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Hey everybody:

Great news! They found someone to take both cats and foster them until they get a home. They said it is a good place. But they were very thankful for all the help everyone offered.

THANKS to all and a special thanks to SUE!!
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Helen, that's wonderful news. Sometimes we never know what happens to the cats people post about, so we really appreciate your post.
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awww how wonderful!!!!!
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Helen- that is splendid news!

Hey how is your parents kitty doing? Not still hiding under the bed I hope?
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