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Prayers for my sisters boyfriends Dad he is very bad and will not live

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My sister boyfriends Dad has cancer and last week they gave him a month to live.
He was only 103 pounds.
The cancer is everywhere now and he found out he was sick last sept.
Henry will not be able to handle this.
My sister and Henry are getting married next year.
Today they think he had a stroke.
Here is part of the im.

listentoyourheart4evernalways: hen text me sayin he think his dad had a stroke.

listentoyourheart4evernalways: he said he cant move his right arm and half his lip is paralyzed and he cant speak.

listentoyourheart4evernalways: I text him back and he didnt say anything or answer the phone.
listentoyourheart4evernalways: but i called luis and luis said i nurse going to see him at 6.
listentoyourheart4evernalways: his dad is bad.

listentoyourheart4evernalways: he told me to go there
listentoyourheart4evernalways: and that he is in oak on freeway and he gonna go there that luis told him to get over there
listentoyourheart4evernalways: he said his grandpa went to a cememtary in colma
listentoyourheart4evernalways: and nurse doesnt want him to go to hospital cuz he not going to live long either way.
listentoyourheart4evernalways: he doesnt have iv or anything.
listentoyourheart4evernalways: ok well Ill call you later and ill let u know what happens

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Oh I am so sorry. It's so terrible when those we love are suffering. My heart goes out to your sister's fiance and his family. They haven't had much time to adjust to the idea, but at 103 pounds, it seems he hasn't been doing well for some time. Sending lots of vibes to his dad that he will not suffer needlessly, and many vibes to Henry and his family for the strength to see them through this difficult time.

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My sister is in this group.
When she has a chance to get on she will reply.

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I'm sorry to hear that news.. I'll be thinking about your sister and her boyfriend...
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My thoughts are with your sister and her boyfriend at this sad time...
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I'm so sorry.
Prayers for your sister and her boyfriend. Prayers and vibes that his dad doesn't have to go thru much suffering
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I sure hope he does not die on Monday.
It is Henrys bday.
All treatments have been stopped because there is no hope.
His family went and got the plot yesterday.
I do not understand why they will not give him a I.V.
Why let him suffer.
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Oh, what a hard situation! I will pray for all involved. So sorry to hear about all of this.
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i just got this im right now frommy sister.
They said his dad only has one or 2 days

listentoyourheart4evernalways: 7
listentoyourheart4evernalways: And he can't see
listentoyourheart4evernalways: And can't eat or drink
listentoyourheart4evernalways: Yea they have a thing that looks like a lollipop to wet his lips
listentoyourheart4evernalways: And they give him morphin.
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I hope he passes quickly and painlessly. It sounds like at this point all they can do is keep him comfortable... I hope they are able to do that.

I'm so sorry for all the sorrow, just know that soon he will be in a better place, painfree and happy.

My thoughts are with you and your family.
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My sister is there right now with her bf.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
My sister is there right now with her bf.
Good. I'm glad they both have support with each other
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