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Bad reaction to Strongid...

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One of the kittens is having a bad reaction to the strongid dewormer we gave them last week. Despite her diarrhea she hasn't been drinking water and has started loosing weight. I've started hand feeding her because she doesn't seem to have the will to do it alone. She's also started drinking water from a needle-less syringe today. I'm not sure when she started going so far down hill, only noticed the weight loss yesterday afternoon and she's been with one of us constantly since.

:-( The queens are all rejecting her so I've picked up some KMR and a can of wellness, which she seems to really like.
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I forgot, she's from a litter that's had their growth stunted for some reason. At two months old they are only the same size as our one month olds.

*sighs* I wish that I had noticed her ill health sooner... I've been so preoccupied with final exams and work that I let her slip through the cracks. She's still drinking from the syringe, and has eaten some wellness. Now I have to hope she'll poop soon.
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Oh, the poor baby I'm sure someone with more experience is along soon to help you out!

Sending healthy healing vibes for the little one

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I'm unsure if I should ask the cat coalition to help me get some lactated ringer for her and do sub-q fluids or wait a little longer and see if the intense care helps her. I've never had a kitten react like this to strongid.
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If you can get fluids, I'd recommend doing so. The tiny guys go downhill so easily, and it would be less stressful than trying to force enough liquid orally.
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She's taken a turn for the worse last night and now needs to really be force fed, she won't even drink from the syringe without me forcing her. She's also not seeing anything now.

I had forgotten how much I dislike when this happens.
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Did you get the Strongid from a vet? Is she not too young for such medication? I don't know, I'm just asking.
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My vet has me deworm with pyrantel (off brand version of strongid) at 2 weeks old. I have never had a kitten have a bad reaction to it. Has the kitten been seen by a vet? I sure hope it makes it!!
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She's better today, we get the strongid from a vet to deworm the fosters and feral cats. We're going to lower the dosage for the second round and discontinue treatment for the two who have had the severe diarrhea and re do them in a few weeks. She's still not taking nipples from the moms but she'll eat canned food and drink a little.

The other cat isn't in as bad condition as Magick is, he's eating on his own, but he's got bad diarrhea. Luckily he likes baths!
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We had foster cats develop diarrhea while being dewormed and we thought it was from the deworming medicine, well it turned out they had coccidia and had to be put on 2 other medications....after about a week it all cleared up.
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ROFL my boyfriend's mom asked about the coccidia because one of our other fosters has it. *sigh* figures. I wasn't too keen on the community mom idea but not my house sadly. We have Albion but I won't let her give it to the really sick kitten till she puts on some more weight.

Oh, and on another note, she's blind. not totally, but most time she just zones out eyes opened and I can get so close with my fingers.
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My kittens just recieved Strongid today....

I'm wondering how your kitten is doing, or if anyone can share their experiences with Strongid.
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