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Would Adopting 2 Siblings Be Too Traumatic For My Current Kitty?

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Hi all,

Me again. As you know, I decided to adopt a second kitten to keep Boo company, as well as for me. I have fallen in love with all the siblings from the litter I visited, particularly two sisters. All of these kittens, of course, are very much bonded to each other. I will not by any means do anything that I think will upset Boo or make her jealous or feel unwanted. In your opinion, would adopting both sisters be bad? Should I only adopt one of them?
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I think it might be easier on Boo if you adopt them both. This is because the kittens can spend all of their time playing with and chasing and attacking each other rather than doing all of this to Boo. So....go get them both!!!
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Whatever happens your cat will get used to it. But four cats is a lot of cats.
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Cats always come together, that's why in the wild they come together and form colonies. I would get both- but then, don't ask me how many cats I have!
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I agree get them both!
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That would give me a total of 3 cats. An 8 month old and 2 10 week olds. I do not want to do anything to bring grief to my Boo - she means the world to me. I know 3 is alot of work - litterbox and such - I am just so confused and have 2 weeks to decide.
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go for it!! I have two kitties and just ended up rescuing 5 kittens and a six month old so i'm going from 2 to 8!
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Seriously though- sometimes humans give cats emotions they do not have. They think their cat looks sad, so they try and cheer them up. Cats rarely look sad unless they feel punky. It may be that Boo is not lonely like you think, and another kitten will just upset the balance in the house. It is a hard call to make because no one is there to see the situation but you. Perhaps all that is needed is more Boo time, or a new cat condo, or some new toys? Often, cat owners feel guilty about certain issues they think the cat faces, the guilt comes from you though, Boo is truly not trying to make you feel guilty here.

If you have the time for more cats, if you have the money and the patience needed to blend the three together, than by all means go for it. Let that be your guide, not what others have to say on the subject.
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Oh okay, I think three cats is a prime number for any casual kitty lover. Any more than that and you gotta be pretty passionate about your cats. Which I am, but convincing my bf would be another matter.
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Boo has tons of toys and cat trees and such - she never seems bored when I am there. I would love another kitty, just struggling on 2 more instead of 1. Boy, I think I need the pet psychic....lol. Thanks everyone.
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My kitties were rescued TOGETHER and would never stand being split up! They love each other more than I would have imagined. Hopefully the other cat will come to love them, and adapt to the new changes.

Good Luck!
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welll I had one.. then I had 4, then I had 8... now I'm at 7. I have to agree with Hissy on this one, you have to make the choice yourself.

A few questions you may have to ask yourself are:

1 - Will you be able to afford it?
2 - Will you be able to spend enough time with them?
3 - Will you be able to give them enough room to live in?
4 - Is this a good choice for yourself and your life?
5 - Do you know how to introduce them properley?
6 - How offten can you spend time with them?

I know I'm telling you a few, but these are questions you may need to answer. A few more may be, will you be getting them all fixed? on average a female is aroun 100$-200$ to get fixed... males are around 75%the cost of females. Also males spray... females sometimes spray... then theres your furnashings to consider.

I have full fatih that you will look at the merit as well as the flaw of each choice... and in the end you will make the choice that is best for you...

Best of luck hun!

~ Salem
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