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Scratch my tummy...

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I would love to, Miss Abby, as long as you don't bite my hand when I do! That is one seriously fluffy tummy.
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A belly scratch in a sunbeam. What could be better?
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Your wish is my command, Princess -- if only I could reach through the monitor!
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Awwwww I wish I could scratch that tummy
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Abby taking her sunbath is just precious.
Who could resist her sweet tummy?

We love you Abby.
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Are belly rubs allowed? If so I'll rub!!

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I would scratch that fluffy belly in a second and kiss her sweet little nose!
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Oh I'd rub her tummy all day if I could!!!
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It looks like she's trying to hypnotize you with her eyes too. Give that fuzzy belly some scritches from me please!
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lots of rubbing here for such a lovely girl
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I tummy rubs, and Abby has SUCH an adorable tummy! I wouldn't just rub her tummy, I'd snuggle my face in it. Such a cute fluffy belly!
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I would love to! That's such a gorgeous picture

Mine aren't much into tubby rubs. With Riley you would lose a hand. Xander doesn't mind it, but when you rub his tummy he gets all excited and does his "roly poly dance" which makes it difficult to pet him
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What a great pic
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Thank you.

Abby will allow you all to scratch the tummy.
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That's one content little girl there
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Look at that beautiful tummy! She wouldn't have to ask me twice!
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