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Moving house with kittens

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At the end of the month we're moving house and the kittens are 5 weeks still too young to go to homes yet (the move's happened very suddenly, obviously I wouldn't have planned to move with a litter of kittens so young!) The problem is De gets crazy every time we move the box even a few inches and starts dragging the kittens back to the same spot. I'm really worried what's going to happen when I have them in the back of the car (it's going to take about a 2 hour drive, and neither De or our other cat are very good travellers) and also about settling her into the new house! Does anyone have any suggestions about how to transport them and how not to stress De out too much when we move?

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I would put her box inside a large cat carrier or cage ( if it will fit) and possibly put a blanket over it.......If it doesn't fit put them together and give them as much familiar scent a possible. Also I'd stop to check on them along the way and feed them and as soon as you get to the new house put her and the kittens and the box in a room that she can stay in permanantly give her some fuss and food then leave them to settle in. Good luck!
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Thanks, I was thinking about securing her and the box in the boot (it's a hatchback), and giving her the run of the boot (it's about the same size as a larrge crate).
Think we're going to have to sedate Jasper though, he's truly an awful traveller (we'll barely get out of the drive way before he starts drooling and throws up). I've been trying to get him used to the car by sitting in there with him and taking him on small journeys, but it's not really working!
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I agree to put the kitten box into a large carrier and transport the kittens and De that way. I would not recommend that you let her loose in the car. Some cats remain somewhat calm when you cover their cage with a blanket, and you wouldn't be able to do that if she were loose. And it's only a 2 hour drive, so no need to stop to feed or water - they won't eat or drink anyway.

I just did a 10 hour trip with 2 cats last year. Neither ate or drank the entire time. One of them threw up 30 minutes into the drive. What I should have done is not feed him prior to the trip. And while I brought paper towels, I forgot the trash bag, and did not bring extra towels to use as bedding in their carrier. I suggest zip lock plastic bags that seal in the smell.

If you plan to use sedatives with Jasper, try them out before the trip as they sometimes will make a cat sick. The last thing you want is him to feel sick from the pills, then get car sick on top of it. I have a cat like that, but he will poop in the carrier every last time.

I've done 2 very long drives with cats in my time, and they usually settle in about 30-45 minutes into the trip.
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