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the 2 feral kittens have met

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Well, things are going quite well. Smokey, our first feral kitten that we had spayed and ear tipped, has settled nicely into our house. She like to come into the bedroom with us. So this past Sat. we adopted a kitten about 6 mo. that was from a feral colony. she had been fostered for a short while with other cats. I put them in the room together and watched. there was the typical growling and hissing, but from the new girl, (we've named her Cleo). It's been about 5 days now, and they hang out together quite a bit. They go nose to nose and it does seem as if they are good together. With me she is still standoffish. She will hide her head when I come into the room, but after saying hi and playing and loving on Smokey, I go over to Cleo and gently pet her. After a bit she will roll over for me to rub her belly. She was trapped from the worse part of town, in an apt complex where the teenage boys were tormenting the kittens. I don't know if she will ever realize that she is loved, but as she gives me her belly to rub, and purrs like crazy, I kinda think that one day soon she will relax and realize that she will never be hurt by us.

On a sad side, this past Mon. we had to allow our 18 yr old doxi to go to the rainbow bridge. It was time for her to go, and in my head I know that. My heart on the other hand is breaking. This week has been the first time in 15 years that we haven't had her in bed with us. She was a rescue also, as are most of my furry friends. We've buried her with the ashes of her sister dog, and have planted a beautiful yellow rose bush over her.

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Mary, I'm so sorry to year about your Doxi. Of course your heart is breaking. It's going to hurt for a long time, and that is just a reflection of how much you loved her.

As to Cleo and Smokey? She already knows she's loved! She still reverts to her feral fear, but if she offers you her tummy and purrs "like crazy" from a belly rub? Well - there's no bigger trust than that!

It sounds like things couldn't be going better than they are.

PLEASE keep us posted - and don't forget to post pics!

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