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Anyone know anything about showing in TICA?

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I am planning on showing Cleo in TICA but do not know to much about it.
I do not want to ask Cleos breeder about that or anyone because I feel stupid for not knowing.
My Mentor does not know about TICA.
I have no idea what to enter her as either.

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If you are talking about color - its whatever is on the registration slip. She would either be in the kitten class if not 8 months old on the first day of the show, or she would go in as an Open in the Alter Classes.

Anything else, you'll have to ask Nial.
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If this is something that you've never done before, there should be no reason to feel stupid. I also only show in CFA so I can't help you with anything involving TICA. Maybe check their website to see if they might have a mentor program similar to CFA.

As for not asking your breeder, I would think he would want to know that you have questions. Personally, I would hope that anyone showing one of my cats would ask me questions.
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I have shown both in ACFA and TICA, but just once in each. I preferred (personally) the format of the ACFA show I attended. I did find that people at both shows were willing to explain everything to me. Once you enter your cat in a TICA show you are given a catalogue, and that explains a lot about the point systems. I feel the same way about bothering people, I kind of like to try and figure things out as I go.

I am actually debating on entering a TICA show in Victoria at the end of June with my newest kitten. For my area, CFA does not have a lot of interest and cat shows in general are few and far between. Have to take what you can get. I have yet to see a Mau at any show other than the one I went across the Country to visit last Winter.
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We have a lot of CFA shows here.
That is why I showed in CFA first.
There is a 3 day TICA show in Oct which is 45 minutes from here.
The other is in Reno on July 4th weekend.
I have been asked to show there but I doubt I can.
There was 1 Mau at last weeks show.
They are nice looking cats.
There are always a lot of Exotics and Persians at the shows.
I wonder if TICA has that many Persians.
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I would guess TICA is heavy in the Bengals and Maine Coons. Persians seem to be a lot less in all associations.

ACFA is big on Maine Coons - the April show had at least 15 in each class (kitten, adult, alter)! We usually have less then 5 Persians total in the ACFA shows now.
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We show in TICA. The Persian class here in Socal is usually 6-8 cats. We have alot of Bengals. We also get a high number of Ragdolls.
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It will be nice to see other breeds of cats that can not be shown in CFA.
There were 16 Exotics and 33 Persians.
5 Maine Coon
9 Siamese
11 Tonkinese
3 Somalis all in Cleos class.
1 Siberian
1 Russian Blue
1 Chartreux
13 Orientals
1 Colorpoint Shorthair
1 European Burmese
1 Egyptian Mau
2 Singapura
4 Sphynx
5 Abyssinian
5 Rag Dolls
The rest of the breeds had a few.
No offense to the Persian people but it would be nice to see more of the other breeds.
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That's about the layout in breeds of most shows - its always been only one or a few of the minority breeds. Sometimes that's a plus for finals.
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In CFA you'll probably see more and more Ragdolls due to the fact they accepted our Mitteds and Colorpoints this year for Championship.
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That is true.
Some of the cats are all from the same breeder.
The Abys and La Perms were the only breeders with that breed.
The 3 La Perms went against each other.
I have a friend that is a Ragdoll breeder that I lost contact with a few years ago.
Her catterys website is gone and her email bounces.
Maybe you would know her.
I am still looking for her.
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