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Plans for the long weekend?

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It is a holiday weekend here in Canada.... anyone have plans?

Nothing much going on here. I might go buy some annuals and get them planted, as well as start my garden.

I'm happy for the holiday because it means my hubby will be home on Monday too, normally he's away M-F.

We're gonna go visit my momma on Sunday.

Aside from that, we really don't do much on the long weekends.
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It's just a regular weekend coming up here in the US. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend... Monday is a day off.

This weekend, Doug and I are going to a Tigers baseball game and we are going to work on my porch plant garden. Oh, and take my mom out to brunch for a belated Mother's Day treat. We wanted to wait b/c of crowds and stuff like that.
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Next weekend is our long weekend. But this weekend I'm hoping to go visit the USS Yorktown that's "beached" in Charleston at Patriots Point.

They have a maritime museum and all that, and they're thinking of getting rid of some of the other exhibits (USS Laffey, USS Clamagore, & USS Ingham) because they cant afford the upkeep anymore. I'd really like to see all that before they send the other ships to possibly Florida.

Not sure what we're doing next weekend for Memorial Day. Hopefully Rob will stay home for an extra day instead of working. Its not like he gets holiday pay to go in like I can get (double time pay).
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Nothing Special planned for the weekend. I have to work for a few hours on Saturday.

However, there are several fireworks displays scheduled for around the area Sunday night so most likely I will catch one of those.

They have this really nice one down on the boardwalk that runs along the front of the Bay. It is pretty spectacular to watch and they actually launch most of fireworks from boats out on the water. The great thing about that one is I can pull up a lawn chair and watch it from my deck because it's less then a half a mile away.
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Tomorrow and Saturday, we have our pre-martial counselling. I am off from Friday at 4pm until Tuesday at 1:30pm.
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Next week-end my DH is going deep sea fishing on Sunday. I'm going to spend the day with my Mom, daughter, & DIL. We are having our belated Mother's Day.
On Monday I'm just going to do NOTHING!
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Nothing fancy for me.
Sleep in (as much as the fuzzballs will let me )
Work on my friends's anniversary quilt which I'm running out of time to finish. Probably end up at my parents place for a BBQ on at least one of the days. I'm just going to try and have a nice relaxing weekend since work's been insane lately.
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