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Arh to be owned by feliens =)

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This morning I woke up with Symphony (I decided that name sounded better after all :P) and Amadeus charging over me playing chase. Glad to say they seem to be getting the hang of the tray and I can leave them in my room with me at night with confidence So any way I was being charged upon this morning and woke up. I just wanted to go back to sleep but the dear little ones couldnt stop chasing each other and landing on my head! And anyway I couldnt get back to sleep so i got up and made myself a nice hot drink. Only when I came back into my room there were two very calm and docile kittens lying snuggled next to one another on my pillow. No trace of a game of tag insite and they both stared at me quite innocently. As if to say "Why on Earth have you got up Mother at this time of the morning?"

Earlier was quite funny too, Symphony was having a drink from the water ball and Amadeus came strutting a long and batted her on the head knocking her over into the water and she jumped out of her skin and chased after him seeming very cross. arh ya gotta love

oops FELINES not feliens ill blame that on Amadeus who keeps clambering onto me :P
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Every time I get outta bed Rocko climbs over to my side and curls up looking so cute I move myself to the other side of the bed. I think its cute, the poor old thing is just trying to get the warmest spot in the house.

That is hysterical about him knocking her head into the bowl! HeeHee!!
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Oh she made sure she got him back though! Thats my girl !!

Actually that reminds me the last time I had my friends over, we were watching TV. They sat on the sofa and I sat on the floor.

"Why are you sitting on the floor?"

"Because Amadeus and Symphony are sitting in the arm chair"

I often tell people that they musn't stare at my cats as its very bad manners.

I am nutty but would I have it any other way??
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