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Family Love At Its Best!

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Hi Guys,

Here's a lovely story about two of my kitties that I hope will make you smile. All about family love & the close ties kitties of the same family can have with each other.

When (K) & (M) had their babies less than a week ago, I originally had them seperated, with (K) in the living room & (M) in the laundry, but (M) has decided to be super mom, and I came back out to see that she had moved all her babies into the same nest as (K)'s babies and was cuddled up to (K) with a paw around her as if to say 'I love you, lets do this together'!

(K) & (M) seriously don't want to be separated. There was a point where (M) wanted to move the babies to a box, and (K) brought her babies along too! lol they got tired at about 6 though before I found them and moved them to the much warmer nest. Believe it or not, they will move each others babies. When one wants to eat, the other stays and keeps them warm, they'll cuddle side by side, often entwined with their paws around each other.

I'll often find the others babies feeding off the other mom, they literally share feeding & cleaning duties as well. The babies are now thinking they're both mom which is great, because (K)'s babies get the added benefit of (M) who is twice the size of (K) so double the warmth and has successfully reared 7 babies herself before (K) included.

The kittens are always toasty warm, and I think it's fantastic. I was concerned at first but after watching how they interact, I think they'd panic if I tried to separate them, and the babies seem to be fine, they're all getting nutrients and special mommy juice from both of them, so that can't be bad can it? In fact, one of them, although I'm 100% positive it's less than a week old is even starting to open it's eyes - which is unusual for a 5 day old isn't it? it's like they're developing fast.

The kittens are going to love having so many playmates, (K) grew up being very close to her mother & siblings, (K) & her siblings cry when they're separated, they're the type of cats that want to be together and your heart breaks whenever they're separated and when they're reunited they bounce all over the place greeting each other.

What's also amusing is that (M) is also to the point that if I touch (K) to make sure she's tip top shape (milk testing etc) she'll try and grab her like she does her own newborns, and when I introduced her to Sianne's babies whom are like 8 weeks older than (M)'s babies she went berserk and tried to take them to the nest too!

God I love my cats, even with so many, it's a lot more love to go around, and they really do benefit from being in such close contact with their family lines, and debunk the myth that I always believed that a multi cat household stresses cats, that they like to be alone, coz mine sure don't lol.

I thought I'd share this positive, bright bit of news in the hopes it might put a smile on peoples faces as it has mine, after the sadness & grief I've had to endure the past few days.
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Perfect example of "it takes a village".
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How sweet! We would love to see pics of your combined family.
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That is very sweet How many cats do you have?? I have 6
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Due to popular request, here are M & K snuggled up with their 8 babies (4 each), the names running down the side are the ones I've given the babies temporarily, and with the initial of the mom above them. M & K's names are below the photo.

M & K are mother & daughter, M is the Tabby & K is her Ginger daughter, they both love each other to bits, close family connection.

In fact, I had M on my lap yesterday, checking that Milk production is alright, and K came over and tried to grab the mother by the scruff with her teeth as if to say, "get your ass back over with the babies" lol, M does the same thing, and I hope the babies enjoy the same closeness as they grow.
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How cute!! Are you planning on keeping all the kittens??
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I'm debating whether to keep them or not. It's tempting.

The reason why I'm debating it is, that, I have the aunts, the uncles, the great great aunt, the fathers, the grand mother, great grand mother, grand father, as well as the cousin, and they all love each other dearly.

M & K have grown up with their family, and I think they'd freak out if one day their babies were just suddenly not there, especially since these are M's second litter and I kept her other babies.

I do have a lot of cats, whom I love dearly. Yes, I can afford them all too. Once the kittens are weaned, my females are on their cheery ways to neuter ville & so are my males.

In the next few months I plan on getting a 4 acre property, with enough space for all my cats & building a huge fenced & temperature controlled cattery for them to enjoy.
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