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Easiest catch. Ever.

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Miss Cally is going to the vet's this morning for the works - blood tests, vaccines, spay, etc.

They need me to drop her off between 7 and 7:15, which is just torture for my graduate student "come and go as you please" from the lab habits.

So I got up early this morning to make sure I could catch her before we had to go. I bring in the carrier and go about seeing how to get the feral kitty in. I decide touching her is probably not going to work, and she goes to hide in her little corner.

I stick the carrier down in the corner, expecting to have to sort of chase her in with it. She slinks straight in - I close the door.

Wow, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Took all of.....five minutes. Maybe not even that. I wish my domesticated boys were that easy to put into a carrier some times!

She and I are going to get along great!
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That worked out well didn't it? I usually have to "pour" Frankie into the carrier. Hope everything goes smoothly for Cally today.
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Wait until she realizes what the crate is for....
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As smart as she is, I think this will be a one time thing. She will quickly realize that what she thought was a safe place to hide from you, only led to the worst possible thing in a cats life the V-E-T!!!
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Originally Posted by fifi1puss View Post
Wait until she realizes what the crate is for....
Oh, she knows now! I got told off all the way to the vet's - she was not a happy girl.

They wanted me to get a weight on her at the vet's - I told them, if I take her out I will probably never get her in again! We weighed the crate and Cally together, and I told them to just get a weight on the crate on its own after she's out. I made sure they knew she was a feral - the tech thanked me. Apparently some people don't tell them when the cat is a feral and they have to find out the hard way. Some people...

They said they would call me when she was out and with the test results and what not. I'll update her Cat Health thread when they do!
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