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Lost Season Finale -Spoilers!-

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So did anyone cry their eyes out over the Sawyer & Juliet scene? I didn't expect it to hit me so hard..by the time he's crying and begging her to not to let go, I was already in tears!! yet in the end she smacks the bomb successfully and now..well who knows! Also I hope many of your were happy at the final cat fight between Jack and Sawyer scene! finally they let some steam go ya know? about time really lol

Throw out your idea's into the open! What will happen next? When the new season starts up once more and the flight has trully landed...what happens? thats the big question. It started with the plane and ends with the plane..or something along the lines..I mean if now that the so called timeline has been set straight and none of them are going to be on the island now..then whats their "destiny" as many have called it?..thats another of those curious questions.
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I read the first line and stopped cause I didn't make it to that part.

I saw the first 37 mins and sleep took over. I was shocked we got to see Jacob. Interesting how they all met him before. I can't wait to see the rest.
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The scene with Sawyer and Juliet was just heart wrenching. The whole thing with John surprised me. Wow! I can't wait for the next season.
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I am watching online now and I just noticed that Jacob touched everyone he met in the off island scenes.
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Ok, our theories - the Locke at the end who kills Jacob - that's actually the smoke monster. The smoke monster was the guy in the black shirt talking to Jacob at the start of the episode (he was talking about finding a loophole to find Jacob, because for some reason, he can't kill Jacob himself). Smokey took the form of Locke to go with Ben to be judged, then took the form of Alex to make sure Ben does exactly what Locke tells him, then resumes the form of Locke again to push Ben into killing Jacob.

The whole recurring black and white theme is interesting - at the start Jacob had on a white shirt, the other dude had black. Good/bad? Then at the end, the Lost "logo" which is normally black with white writing is now white with black writing.

We were theorising that it's Jack who causes the "event" with the bomb - after seeing it happen, I agree still. There was a flash of white - that's the same flash they saw when they were time travelling, so maybe they are going to time travel again to present day? Where will they be???

I was so sad when Juliet fell How did she not die though?? It looked like everything was being sucked down with a lot of force!
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