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Daily Thread Thurs May 14th

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Morning peeps!

Its going to be a rainy one today...mild and rainy.

Not much planned today actually..just heading to work and then we don't have anything else planned.

We have a long weekend this weekend though so I am pumped about that!

Ciao folks, have a good one!
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good morning...
DS had another lovely night being up again. Last week wasn't like this.

I saw 37mins of Lost last night and gave up.
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I'm incredibly thankful that I have no appt's today

It is incredibly windy today...not bad temp wise, but its windy and wet, so I feel ugggggggggg.

I did not sleep well last night, and think I might just have a nap.

Have a good day folks.
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About to go a run a few errands and grab an early lunch before heading to work. Then work until around six and then home!

No plans for tonight other than cleaning and laundry! Fun, fun.

Have a great day everybody!
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Another gorgeous day here in the Bay Area. Sunny and high 70's. This weekend it is going to be in the 90's, though.

Waiting for the Comcast person to come to fix the TV signal. They are pretty good about showing up during the time they say and I already got the confirmation call.

I am stunning in my new rib belt that I just got because I pulled a rib muscle during the annual commit-to-get-fit challenge at my health club. I am in pain, but I did get enough points to get my free massage which I think that I will need.

Going to a stretch and core class today. I figure that all my sore muscles need stretching.
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Afternoon All!!!

Hi Butzie----long time no see--- Glad to see you back at the daily

Pouring rain and thunderstorms here today.
The kitties were actually nice enough to let me sleep in a couple extra hours this morning. They were more interested in cuddling under the blankets then getting up for breakfast.

I am off work today so am just puttering around the house a bit and then heading off to the post office and to take a book back I borrowed from my boss on Herend Fine China. Herend is one of the most expensive fine china's there is. Most was commissioned to be made in patterns that were chosen by Queen Victoria and bears the queen's insignia...

Being a bit of a history buff working part-time at an antique store is just like being on vacation.

The kitties are all napping at the present in various spots around the apartment.

Everyone have a great day
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