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License plate

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I love my license plate! Not only is it cute, but the extra money you pay to renew goes to help animals! The best thing is this tag was introduced only in 2005. I was one of the first to get this license plate!!! Back then it was rare for me to be driving and see another car with this tag. Now, I see it everywhere! I'm glad that there are that many animal friends here in South Florida!

It's really a great cause!
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That's really neat. I want to get one for CA... I'd like the Wyland whale tail. This is the last year they'll have Wyland whale tail plates because the state doesn't want to pay royalties to the artist. We don't have a spay/neuter plate, though.
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I believe they're working on a CA Spay and Neuter plate!
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Not sure if they have one in SC. Might have to get that on the next car we register if they have it. My Camaro is getting a vanity plate (ZZZZZZ ), but our Trans Am is going to be registered soon...
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That's really cute!

Massachusetts has an Animal one as well:
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I just checked SC (we have tons of different plates, insane). There's one for "No More Homeless Pets"

A portion of the fees collected for this plate go into a special account for the State Veterinarian to support annual spaying and neutering programs. The fee for this special plate is $70.00 in addition to the regular vehicle registration fee.
Might have to slap one on the Trans Am or Fiero when they are running
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NEAT!... is soo cool!...
I wished one too!... I mean my city will can make it.... but by law isn´t posible...
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I believe they're working on a CA Spay and Neuter plate!
You're right, it's in the works! I hope it's available soon!
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