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I am ill!

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I have been hurting bad for a few weeks now and ignored all my symptoms! Well my best friend down the road saw me and made me got to the doc today! I have to have more tests run but the doctor thinks I have a bleeding ulser!

On the happy side! My son turned 10 today!
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Just stay away from spicy foods, stress and drink lots of water. If they caught it early enough, medication will stop the bleeding, if not, well, think of that when you have to! happy Birthday to your son too!
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I think it is stress that caused it! I love spicy foods but I have not had any in a while due to hurting!
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I'm sorry you're ill! I really hate stomach-related maladies. I think they're stupid things. Of course, I think sneezing (more than once) and coughing (more than once) are also stupid — both being indications that the "divine plan" so many people rave about probably needed one more level of review.

Well, I hope you can reduce your stress somehow; but the statements "I've got ulcers" and "It's my son's tenth birthday" contained in one post are ironic. Seriously, I've not had ulcers but I've had way too many upset-stomach episodes; and for the past few years I've been taking prescribed medication which actually works to halt those stupid things.

Best wishes to you in combatting the damned ulcers!

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Ash, I hope you are feeling better soon!
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I think there's a lot of new information about ulcers nowdays and new medications. I would look it up on the internet (try www.google.com) - it's best to be well informed about these things.

And please wish your son a happy birthday for me!
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I'm sorry to hear about your ulcer but at least now you have identified it & are on the road to recovery...
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thanks everyone! I am not hurting as bad today! My son is off at camp and I am home alone ! The doctor has me on Zantac until I have some tests run. I think it is good!
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i hope you get feeling better soon ! how horrible to have a sickness residing in your stomach

i think ulcers, from my understanding, are predominantely caused by stress and things like too
much coffee... i'm not sure, though, like you said, Stress, is a big one, definitley.

keep us updated on those tests

i'll be thinking of you.
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Tell us more about the camp where your son is now!

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Ash....I am so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well lately...I had an ulcer when I was 19, but never a bleeding ulcer...is that caused from a perforated ulcer? I will pray for you...keep taking the meds the Dr. prescribed, and try not to get to stressed, though.. I know that is hard, but if you need to talk, to unload the stress....we are here...always. Please take care of yourself, and keep us updated on how you are!!
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how are you feeling?

haven't seen you on in awhile & wanted to make sure you were ok.
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