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Had her a week and still can't decide on a name

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I have come up with a list of probably 50 names to name our new kitten, but hubby keeps turning them all down. We've had her a week, and today I finally told him that if he won't help then I am just going to choose a name and start calling her that. I have narrowed down my choices to:

Lena (lean-uh)*

*my two favorites

I just can't decide now. LOL Would you mind telling me your opinion on her name?? Please vote!! I want to make a new siggy, but can't until I have a name for her! lol Below are a couple pictures, if that would help you decide. I'll try to take a better picture of her tonight.

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she is very very cute, i think its just a natural thing for grey cats to be cute. I choose Lena cause all the others were way to Daphne reminds me of that prissy poodle on Look Who's Talking, the animal control womans name is Claire, and Charlotte makes me think of a crazy how our brains work. She has the look of trouble maker in her too.....good luck with her!!
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Oh, she is DEFINITELY a trouble maker. I do want a girly name for her, though, to go with Nora.
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I like Daphne the best!
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I like the name Lena
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I'm partial to Lena also. She looks like a little Lena to me.
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I like Lena. I had a roommate with that name and always thought that name was pretty.
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Daphne is a name I've thought about when it comes to kittens so I guess that puts me in the Daphne boat. What a cute girl!!
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lena is more sing songy. It is harder to coo Daphne
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she's super cute! i voted for Lena!
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I had to go with Charlotte. She looks like a very proper girl who needs a very proper sounding name.
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