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Cat suddenly doesn't want wet/dry food

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We've got a 3.5 year old spayed female indoor tabby (3rd floor of an apartment building). She's not obese, but could stand to lose a couple pounds.

When she was young she ate a variety of wet foods, and about two years ago started refusing to eat any wet food that wasn't Fancy Feast Florentine. She gets a can for breakfast and a can for dinner.

She eats Authority dry food, but we don't give her very much, and she's never excited or whining for it. She gets very very excited about the T/D pellets, and gets several of those per day. She always whines for breakfast and dinner, then leads us to the kitchen. She also frequently positions herself several times per day right in front of the kitchen drawer where the T/D pellets are stored, trying to get more.

Two days ago, she's started just sniffing her wet food, and then ignoring it. She also doesn't eat the T/D - I'll shake the T/D bag which gets her running to the kitchen as usual, and then she'll sniff it and ignore that too. She whines for her food as usual, and leads us to the kitchen like normal. So, she seems to have her appetite, but doesn't want any part of her typical food she's been having for two years. She's not starving, we're giving her cut up very thinly sliced deli turkey slices, which she is eating. She's also drinking her water.

She's acting totally normal otherwise. She plays with us, kneads and plops on us, whines to go running in the hallways.

We're going to try to take her to the vet tomorrow, but I'm just looking for possible explanations in advance. I've read that maybe she has some mouth pain (like a tooth issue), but then why is she eating the human turkey? Softer/easier to chew than her wet food? Any other ideas? Thanks very much.
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T/D is fine as a regular food if the vet approves..
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You did say what I was going to say - have the vet check the mouth. It sounds as if she wants to eat, but is finding it physically difficult. My kitty Callym ended up having a serious mouth issue as you may have read in my posts, so let's hope it is nothing like that. But even an ordinary mouth ulcer could hurt so it is worth having the vet take a good look in her mouth. If she has mouth pain, sliced fresh turkey is soft, and maybe she has to use her tongue etc. less so it hurts less if there is a mouth issue.
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