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Cupboard/Wardrobe Doors & Cats

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Hi all!

I thought you might be able to help me out with an issue we're having with our three kitties. We've recently moved into a new house that has sliding doors on our hallway cupboard, and on our wardrobe. Our lovely little critters have taken to opening these doors, and rummaging around in places they shouldn't be, and furring up everything in sight (we keep all our towels and sheets in there, so it's not ideal!). Any ideas on how we can stop them from doing this? I've considered perhaps a childproof kind of lock (like the ones you'd put on cabinet doors) or even a piece of wood at the other side of the door, pushing it closed flush so it can't be opened.

Wondering if there were any other good solutions ya'll might be able to offer!

Thanks a bunch,
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All I can say is to a cat - a door is a portal to a vast/hidden world!

I have bi-fold doors & baby locks on them all, or the cats are everywhere.
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Haha, I totally get that. I'm sure for the first two weeks at our new place, our cats thought the old house was behind the spare bedroom door. They tried everything to get in there, the sneaky buggers
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For the sliding type doors, just get a piece of wood cut to the length of the runner and leave it on the outside of the door (in the track). They shouldn't be able to move it to get the door open.

When Hannah's bored, she goes into the kitchen and tries to get into the bottom cabinets. They all have baby locks on them so she can't open them, but the locks are loose so she can open the doors a bit. We hear, scratch, scratch, squeak, bang! over and over!!
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i have the same problem with Kitty - my trick is to link several hair elastics together to make a sort of chain, and then hook each end of the chain over each knob. my closet has two knobs with the kind of doors that you pull towards you to open, and this works really well. cheap and effective. i use a lot of duct tape to kitty-proof as good luck!
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Try a Web site....It has ALL kinds of safty locks and latches
I used the site when I had my child care open. Tons of different latches and catches. You can also find cord covers, wire chases, all kinds of safty products. And they ship free, at $85.00 spend.
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If they are sliding doors, I think the best thing to do is to cut a piece of wood that will hold the door closed. It's a pain, but it only has to be temporary...they will eventually learn that they shouldn't go there. Also, how old are your kitties? Kittens to about 2 years old are the most "investigating" bunch. After that they seem to get bored except at dinner or cuddle time.

I've used everything from stick on velcro to twistie ties (from the bread loafs) to keep things closed! Expect some claw marks though because they WILL keep trying...until they give up.
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I put baby locks on all of my cabinets. AFTER Silka kicked all the bowls out and several broke . Now they like to open my shower door....but that's OK because there's nothing in there at cat level (all the shampoo is on the caddy hanging from the shower head) except a spray bottle of soapy water for cleaning.
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Are they trying to get into Narnia?
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