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I'm Back!

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My story is too long, but I am doing well now.

I gotta check out that food song game.

I missed all of you!

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Welcome Back Rosemary,
Did you get the card I sent?
Are we going to have meet ups again?
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Welcome back! You've been missed!
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welcome back, we were wondering where you went!
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Well done my friend!.. Welcome back!...
Is really nice to see you here again!..
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back!!

You have been missed too.
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OMG! Rosie!!! I was thinking about you today and planning to call you this weekend!!!

So glad to see you back on the boards!!
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Welcome back!!!
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Welcome back! You've been missed!


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Oh my goodness, I was so worried about you! Amazing how we bond with people here that we don't even know! I can't believe I missed this...well, actually I can. My 16 year old daughter has comandeered my computer so I don't get to it as often!
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welcome back!
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