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On Marketplace (a Public Radio International show) yesterday, Robert Reich read a commentary which said that the big corporate CEO's are going to have their income tax rates cut to only 15% which is a heck of a lot less than I pay. This irked me.

Here is a summary of his commentary:
"Commentator says there’s a new and potentially lucrative exec perk hiding between the lines of the just-approved tax plan: Remember the days when corporate executives were paid in stock options? Well, those days are almost over. Now, courtesy of the new tax law, we’re about to see the dawn of a new day for exec compensation, says commentator Robert Reich: Since stock prices are down and nearly 30% of salaries are taxable income, stock options are out and preferred shares paying generous dividends are in. If you’re paid in preferred shares, your tax bill is only 15%, says Reich. “It’s the tax shelter of all tax shelters,†says Reich. “A tax shelter for the corporation and a tax shelter for executives who will now get paid in dividends. It’s win-win.â€

If you want to listen to the commentary please click here and then scroll down to "Commentary: A New Day for Exec Compensation"