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Need Advice On Wet Food

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Hi all. I currently have 3 cats...ranging in age from 5 to 1. Two of my cats are FeLV+. I currently feed Evo wet and California Natural (Brown Rice and Chicken) dry. I mix a little bit of Nine Lives with the Evo to try and coax them to eat it. All three cats seem very uninterested in the Evo. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a wet food that is fairly healthy that my might cats might eat.
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Your cats actually like Nine LIves? Heck, even my dog turns her nose up at that... My boys eat Natural Balance venison with warm water consistently.
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On thing that has helped me quite a bit in having Bugsy eating healthy wet food was to sprinkle Halo Dinner Party on the food. I have only tried the chicken, but the salmon might be good as well. All natural, made of freeze-dried meat, and a few vitamins. This will make Bugsy eat anything. I mix some in the wet food, and sprinkle some in the top - you dont need much, and one tube will last a long time.
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Cammy LOVES nine lives. She doesn't get it anymore though. She does like Wellness canned, as long as I don't give her the same flavor more then a few times in a row.
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Mine love 9 Lives. That's what I used to feed the older 2 before I knew better. Now it's the only way to get them to even sniff the Evo. I'll definitely try the Halo to see if that will make them any more interested in the Evo. I've also heard Wellness is a very good food so maybe if the Halo doesn't work, I'll switch them over to that.
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some nine lives are quite decent and for the $$ are hard to beat ... TRY a bunch of different foods and textures .. I suggest the following as I have had success with picky eaters with them ... Nutro, Natural balence , Solid Gold , Meow mix pouches and cup, sheba cups
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