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Nakita Meets The 'Little People'!

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Yesterday was a real learning experience for Nakita!

My friend came over with her 3 year old daughter and 7 month old son. Nakita had no clue what to think about the situation. She was wondering from room to room, and would kind of sneak up to take a peak at the 7 month old who was playing on the floor. Then the 7 month old would start crying and Nakita would go flying up the stairs to protect herself from the evil crying 'alien'.

Then we had lunch and Nakita joined us under the table sniffing the feet of the baby. The baby started giggling and Nakita had an expression of 'What the heck is this lifeform?'

After they left, Nakita gave me a big lecture on never letting 'little people' on her home turf again! I promised her they are gone for now......but will be back!

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Oh my gosh, she sounds so well behaved though....what an experience for Nakita! I kept my 6 month old nephew a couple weeks ago, and FLuffy hid from him most of the time because he cried most of the time anyway.....at that age babies grab at anything, and Rocky got real close to him to smell this "alien" and he tried to grab at him...Rocky flew away fast after that......
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I think my kitties are going to meet my niece this weekend. The saw her when she was a babe in arms, now she is a terror. The only 2 who will visit are Merlin and Excalibur (possibly Peeps). That should be fun!
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Kids and cts, always a new experience .

Glad that Nakita was so well behaved in the face of a home invasion .
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Nakita probably thought she had a play mate....
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awwwww!! my kitties don't like little people...neo hisses at them!
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She was very brave, to investigate the alien creature like that.

Both of my cats are very curious when people come over. It's like they're making sure that everything is ok, they sniff over guests and their belongings.

My cat Tara, now sadly at the Bridge, used to hide under the bed when little people came to visit.
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But who doesn't like to kiss little baby toes?
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