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Experiences with Advantage Multi??

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Bugsy is allergic to Revolution, and is currently on Advantage (regular). I was wondering if he would be allergic to Advantage Multi, as it also prevents heartworm and parasites... Has anyone here tried this product? Has it caused allergic reactions?
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I've used it on 4 of my cats (2 weeks ago). It was OK for the indoor cats and I think they reccomend to use it every 4 weeks - I put it on my indoor/outdoor girl and she got fleas within a week! One of my indoor girls was throwing up for 2 weeks after the multi too.
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I applied it for the first time this month. My girls were a little lethargic for a few days after but they seem okay now. For now, they are strictly indoor cats. The vet recommended Ad. Multi after I told her that I'm planning to leash walk them. I live in the DC area.
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The advantage multi caused 3 of my 6 cats to get burns where it was applied! so I just use regular frontline.
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I treated Moo with Advantage Multi for kittens last night (serious case of fleas and flea-transmitted worms) Moo was a little itchy where it was applied but nothing serious. It might have been worse if the vet hadn't dosed her with an antihistamine to treat the itching from the fleas. It's hard to determine 100% cause & effect with Moo based on Moo's current health. My boyfriend's cat was dosed with an adult Advantage Multi since she's in the same house with Moo - she had no reaction beyond annoyance at the wet spot between her shoulder blades. (We live separately right now - additionally Moo continues to be under quarantine for another few days, until the Drontal has had time to clear Moo's system of tape worms )

Revolution has a different active ingredient than Advantage Multi - So unless it's an allergy to something mixed with the treatments, she should be ok with the Advantage Multi?

Revolution's active ingredient is selamectin

Advantage Multi is imidacloprid + moxidectin

Frontline & Frontline Plus treat only fleas and ticks, not parasites they may carry, or at least there's no comment regarding parasites in the product info. Advantage Multi kills fleas (no comment regarding ticks) and treats ear mites, round worms and hook worms, prevents heart worms. Revolution kills fleas (no comment regarding ticks), prevents heart worms, treats ear mites, round worms and hook worms.

Just based on my research, please correct me if I'm wrong.

And I think I figured out why my vet always sends me home with dewormer for my cat based on this info. Since she has never had a flea problem, has never tested positive for any type of worm infestation, and is strictly indoors, I don't treat her with any of these products. I'll probably treat my cat with a dose of the adult advantage multi now that I've researched a little bit and am more informed on feline heart worm disease. I'm generally very much against unnecessary medical treatment in both humans and animals, but maybe it's time to get them all on a regular schedule of something like this, living in Mosquito Capital USA (south florida).
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Advantage is what I always used untill I found money very tight this I tried Sergents burned the 2 I put it on...also they did not eat well for 4 days. I am looking at some of the natural products but I can't have fleas so I am torn. Poison on my cats....arggghhhh.
Everyone lives in doors. But I live in the Los Angeles area and we will have fleas outside, and I will bring them in on my clothes we always do. I and my daughter are allergic to bites we get sick, so we can't have a flea problem.
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I applied Advantage Multi on Bugsy for the first time a couple of days ago - unlike Revolution, it didn't cause any irritation, which is what I was looking for... He didn't show any side effects to it either, so I am very happy so far...
I wanted to make sure both of them are protected against heartworm, since there is a lot of mosquitoes is Dallas. Lucky was already protected, as she is on Revolution; however Bugsy was allergic to it.
I will continue to treat Lucky with Revolution, and Bugsy with Advantage Multi.
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