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Daisy and her pooing!

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hi, miss daisy has started pooing right next to her litter box, i scoop it out morning and night if she manages to go in there and the litter is changed every couple of days, she has started doing this over the past couple of weeks and only when we are not home, she has also pooed in the bath tub a few times!!! so gross!! i have been cleaning it up then scrubbing the area with bleach, what can i do?
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Have you changed the style of litter or location of box, or box type? If not she may be sick. unfortunately.

Welcome to TCS
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When a cat starts to poop or pee inappropriately outside of the litterbox this may mean they are trying to tell us that something is wrong. In this case it sounds like a vet visit is needed. Have her checked for constipation(obstruciton) and enlarged anal glands. When my cat started pooping outside the litterbox she was diagnosed with enlarged anal glands then constipation and now megacolon. If she is given a clean bill of health then you can work on finding a solution to this new behaviour (food being fed to her, litterbox placement, type of litter being used, other cats bullying her, etc.)

Good luck and please keep us posted
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i did change her litter, from cat crystals to a soft grain like litter, do you think she may not like it? i know that she wont go to the toilet outside because she doesn't like the dirt, maybe she is being a princess?
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Can you remember back to when you switched the litter? Did the problems start to occur when you switched? If so, she may not like the feel of the grains on her bum. Could you get another litterbox and put the old litter in the new litterbox?
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I am going to the pet shop to get old litter plus box, fingers crossed, fussy princess!!
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I let mt 2 cats outside in the backyard (it's totally enclosed) and they both come inside to use the litterbox

Good - putting the new litter out for her MAY help. Put it un a quiet, secluded area. But if this does not work please take her to the vet to get checked.

Please keep us updated on the progress - Good luck
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