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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
... Unfortunately each lesson makes me more cynical about the human race.
Too, too true, eh, Nial?
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I agree with that also and do not trust a lot of people.
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What a beautiful boy he was, it is unfortunate that things ended so poorly.

Rest easy little man, play hard with the other furries at the Bridge!!!!

Nial you do the best you can and from what I have read around here, that is way above and beyond!!! I am sorry for your loss, I know it breaks your heart and leaves you doubting choices. It is not an easy task to love and care for these amazing animals and then to entrust them to the care of others.

I just want to thank you and Teri both, people like you allow for those of us wishing to adopt purebreds opportunities to dream a little!!!!!
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I'm so sad for you Nial. Having met you in person at the cat shows, I know you are a very good breeder and wouldn't let your cat go to this 'person' if you knew.
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Nial, I'm sorry it had to happen like this. There's absolutely no doubt that Hau Kea is gone?
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Oh what a beautiful, sweet-looking angel he was. Please don't beat yourself up. You didn't know. Rest in peace, angel Hau Kea.
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RIP Beautiful Hau Kea. It is a sad world that can treat angels like you so badly.
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I'm so sorry.
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