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Spook. Gone to Rainbow Bridge

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My beautiful black cat, Spook had to be PTS this afternoon.

Spook was diagnosed with HT in October last year. Unfortunately, he did not respond well to medication which we had to stop (the medication had been changed) in early December. At the time, he was so poorly, we didn't think he would make it to Christmas.

After he came off the medication, he perked up quite a bit and surprised us all - including the vet. Although he was kept inside he remained happy. The weather here was warm enough last week to let him outside to sit in the sun for a couple of days. He only went to his favourite spot in the front garden, stayed there for about an hour and came back inside again.

Last week he started getting picky with his food. Because of his HT he would eat everything in sight so we knew he was starting to go downhill.

Over the weekend he stopped eating altogether but was still drinking lots of water - with little coming out the other end. He also started hiding - a sure sign he was feeling really ill as he was a very outgoing cat, lovely to be made a fuss of.

Yesterday he was coughing and I knew it was time. I'm sure his kidneys were packing up and the fluid was collecting in his lungs. I also knew his time had come as he gave me a look that said "I've had enough now" so this afternoon I had him PTS.

He was always a very dignified cat and even as he was being PTS by one of our vets, Amy who was so kind and gentle with him, he kept his dignity and purred till the very end.

My son was with me as he was 13 years ago when we got Spook as an 8 week old kitten.

We have many cats but Spook was very special. He always will be but he's running free now at Rainbow Bridge but he's taken a huge part of us with him.

Spook. April 1996 - 12 May 2009.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Spook, 2006 chilling out.

Spook, November 2008 after HT diagnosis.

Love you always Spook
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I know that your heart is breaking ...
I am so sorry.

Rest in peace Spook.
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What a lovely, handsome boy Spook was... thank you for posting his pictures.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand only too well when you say he took a huge part of you with him.

Your description of how your son was with you when you had Spook PTS as he'd been when you got Spook as a baby was very poignant. Spook knew he was loved from the beginning 'til his last moment. He was a lucky boy.

Spook - forever loved and remembered.
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Thank you.

It was us who were the lucky ones. Spook enriched our lives in so many ways. Spook was a cat who you could say was a real gentlecat
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I am so sorry. Give your son a hug from us at TCS and tell him that there are other people who understand what it is to lose a very dear furfriend.

Rest in peace, Spook.
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So sorry about Spook
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Originally Posted by Python View Post
Thank you.

It was us who were the lucky ones. Spook enriched our lives in so many ways. Spook was a cat who you could say was a real gentlecat
I understand. You were indeed lucky too.

What you've written about Spook is a loving tribute to him. What he meant to you comes through loud and clear.

All good thoughts to you and your family at this sad time.
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My heart always breaks when I read about someone's beloved kitty crossing to the rainbow bridge - and I always know it's NOTHING compared to what you must be feeling.

Spook was SUCH a handsome boy! You enriched each other's lives, and I know he's an angel watching out for you and your son now.

Play happily over the bridge, Spook. Your family misses you dearly.

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RIP Spook. You were a beautiful & very loved kitty.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. What a sad time for you all

Spook is a very handsome boy, and i'm sure he'll be very popular over at the bridge

Have a happy new life at the bridge Spook, your going to be missed so much

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I'm so sorry.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your Handsome Boy. Rest in Peace Spook.
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sorry to hear that Spook has left you - sending & for you & your family, plus a for the handsome Spook...
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Spook was such a handsome fellow. RIP sweet boy.
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I´m really so sorry for you un-repearable lost my friend!..
my serious condolences....

RIP to SPOOK....
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